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After spending the entire day inside my house until 9pm last night it turned out to be a pretty fun night. I went out and met up with Ritchie and Ben and some other people that I just met last night. Ritchie came out to meet me since I didn't know where the place was that they were at and as he was coming the tempo started to smoke so we let it cool down and then drove it to my work where it is still parked. Then Ritchie and I had to walk back. It was probably about 10 blocks away and I was really wishing I hadn't worn my boots. Although I don't have a car now till Jake gets home it was still fun last night.

Now today it is Halo time!!!!!!!!!!!

I have decided to change the pic on my site. It seems to be of the common opinion that the princess picture is "scary". So now I have to decide which picture to change it to. Unfortunetly I have no idea how to change the pic so I have to wait for Jake to get home.

Today has been a really lazy day. I got up at 9:00 and have just lazed around the house for the past 6 hours. I am really glad Cooper has been calm today because if he got hyper I would probably want to kill him. I guess that is how it goes after a late night out. It takes a day to recoop. Last night was alot of fun though! Now I just have to figure out what to do tonight. I am not used to doing things on my own where I can go wherever I want whenever I want and not have to plan around anyone elses schedule. Don't get me wrong though, I do miss Jake, it is just nice sometime to have time to myself.

Well, that is about it for today. I hope this satisfies all of you who have been harrassing me update my blog (you know who you are).

It has been way to long since I have blogged but I had to go through Hawaii withdraw before I could start back up. My tan has faded so I decided it was time.

A lot has happened since our vacation. Last Friday I was offered my old job back at Princeton Property Management and I have accepted. Jake has an interview with Billy's company with a very good chance of getting the job so the move is officially on. My last day at my job in Seattle will be February 4th and I will start at Princeton on the 7th. I sort of have mixed feelings about the move. On one hand we have just in the past year made lots of new friends in Seattle who we have a lot of fun with and I will be very sad to leave but on the other hand it will be so nice to be home and able to see our family and friends there more often. I figure everything will just happen in reverse of what we have been doing. We will just drive up to Seattle when we want to see our friends there and it will be easier cause we wouldn't have to take the dog everywhere we go anymore. As for our living arraignments, Michelle & TJ have graciously said that we can stay with them for a little while while we look for a place to live. If Jake does get that job then we won't have to inconvenience them for very long. However, moving really sucks and I am not looking forward to doing it again so soon.

Yesterday was quite a day!! It was really hot so we went to the beach. We tried Ka'anapoli since we liked that one last time so much but the waves really really harsh. Not a good beach for a 7 year old and waves were to big to boogie board so we packed up and went to Wailea. It was much better there. The beach was much flatter which gave Chloe more room to play without getting eaten up by waves and the waves for us were smaller but not little. We got there at noon and left around 5:30. When we got there I ate lunch and then headed out to do some boogie boarding, and that is where I stayed till we left with the exception of about 10 minutes when I got out to take a short break. I must say...5 hours of boogie boarding is far too much for my untoned body. By the time I was done I could hardly get up after taking the waves in. When I got up this morning my entire body was in pain. My muscles have never been this sore before.

This morning Chloe and I went swimming in our pool till it was time to take them to the airport. They had to be there at 2:30 so we headed out at 1:00 to get lunch but we couldn't find a good quick place to go so we just took them to the airport and we went back and had lunch at Ma'alaea Grill which is about 3 blocks from our condo. After that we went home and got ready to go to the Luau. Below are some of the pics from the Luau.

Tomorrow we have to out of our condo by 11 but we don't have to be at the airport till 1:30 so we will probably go to lunch then head out. Although a part of me will be happy to be home I am really going to miss this place. I am also excited to see Cooper again. I hope he remembers me!!

I know this is blurry but it is zoomed in and dark so the camera had a hard time focusing...but you get the idea.

The past few days have been pretty gloomy. Although it has been raining we had ice cream today and ate it outside in the rain. I don't think I have ever done that before. We have been for the most part just hanging around our condo most of the past few mornings then driving around in the afternoon. We did go see a blow hole which I believe Jake posted some pics on his site. That was pretty cool. Jake and I hiked down on the rocks while his family drove around then hiked a little. While we were down there it started to rain really hard and we all got soaking wet, which made the hike back up the slippery rocks and mud very interesting. Although I would rather it be sunny so we can go to the beach I don't mind the rain here like I do at home. It is still around 70 degrees. Any place where you can walk around at midnight in a tank top and shorts while it is raining and still be hot is a place that I definitely want to be. According to the weather reports it is suppose to be nice tomorrow so hopefully that means a return to the beach is in order. Below is an amazing pic I just took of the sunset. Can't get much more beautiful than this!

Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

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