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Well, it has been some time since my last blog entry. Since Jake has been in NY this week I have been just kind of lounging around, working a lot and going to bed early. I did watch Arrested Development with Kieran & Chris. That show makes me laugh so hard during every episode. It is the absolute funniest show ever made in my opinion.

So this past week I have kind of been in a funk. Although I am excited to get home I have been pretty depressed about leaving everybody. Today during our company meeting everybody gave me an enormous bag of candy along with a few good-bye cards. It was really sweet (no pun intended) but it made me even sadder because it didn’t really feel real till then. I have been working at my company for 4.5 years and I feel like everyone has become like family to me. I guess I will just have to have solace in the fact that I will be coming up to visit every so often. And for all of you in Seattle who read this and those to don’t read this you will all have a place to stay if you decide to come down and visit.

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