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So a lot has happened since I last wrote. Most of you read Jake’s blog also so I don’t need to bother telling you that we now live in Portland (even though I just did). The house we are renting is about 2 blocks from my work and I love the short drive. I’m thinking I might walk tomorrow if it isn’t raining. I get off work at 2 tomorrow also because it is Good Friday. YAY!!. I love living here. We have people over almost every night. AND I have been in the hot tub every night since we got it up and running last Sunday. It is so relaxing to come home and get into boiling hot water. I’m just waiting for Cooper to jump in full force. We tell him no when he looks like he is getting ready to hop in so hopefully he is learning that the hot tub isn’t a place for him. He is a lot less of a hassle now that we have the kennel in the back yard. We feed him in the morning and he stays outside in there all day and then we let him run around the yard and in the house in the evenings and by the time he goes to bed there is no potty left in him, which means no whining at 6:30am to go outside. We haven’t had to clean up pee even once since we moved. I swear he is the weirdest dog ever. While we were staying at Michelle & TJ’s house Cooper found a piece of bark in their back yard and he has been obsessed with it ever since. He brought it with him to our new place and he makes it quite obvious that he chooses the bark over his ball. If you throw them both he always goes to the bark instead. Maybe my kids will be like that too. They won’t want actual toys they will be content playing with bark.

So for the past month we haven't had high speed internet so I have been very lax on posting to my blog. But we are moving into our new place tomorrow and we will get all set up so I promise there will be more posted soon.

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