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Yesterday as I was leaving to go back to work after lunch; I went to walk down the 6 cement stairs outside the front door of my friends house when my heel hit the stair I was stepping off of and I lost my balance. I tried to catch myself with my other foot but my other heel hit the step above the stair I thought it was going to hit. That is when I lost it. The next thing I knew I was laying on the ground at the bottom of the stairs in pain. I slowly got up and limped to my car to go back to work. When I got in the car I noticed that my knee felt weird so I pulled my pant leg up to see my blood covered knee. I decided I couldn’t go back to work like that so I went back inside the house and cleaned it up. My ankle was really hurting so I made a doctors appointment for that afternoon. The diagnosis was that I didn’t break or sprain anything, which I am very glad for. Just bruising and scratching. So what I ended up hurting was my ankle, my knee, my hip, my shoulder and my wrists. But, on the upside…no one saw it happen.

Jake and I tried to watch Napoleon Dynamite tonight (and I emphasis the word “tried”). I can maybe see it being funny if I was drunk or maybe you just have to be in the right mood, but I didn’t laugh once. We turned it off after about 20 minutes, we just couldn’t take it anymore. I have had multiple people tell me it was funny so I’m not sure what to think. I wanted to like it but it felt like there were a lot of scenes that made me think “what the hell, I think that was suppose to be funny….but……” As for my recommendation, I would say only watch it if you are drunk or in the right mood. As for what the right mood is, your guess is as good as mine.

I heard this song on the radio about a month ago and I really liked it so I waited to hear who sang it but they didn’t say. Then I heard it again a couple days later and again waited to hear who sang it and again they didn’t say. Finally I heard it last week again at my work and found out the name of my new favorite singer. Her name is Dido and I am now anxiously awaiting the 2 CD’s or hers that I just bought from amazon.com. If you like Norah Jones you will love Dido. She has an amazing voice and her songs are very catchy. At least they are to me. Go here and scroll to the bottom and you can listen to a sample of the song that got me to love her. It is called White Flag. Enjoy!

Last Friday we wrapped up our Lord of the Rings marathon. It was a lot of fun. Jake has posted a pic of all the participants on Less Than Me if you want to see it. Our next marathon starts a week from Tuesday but I am not quite as excited about that one. We are featuring the Harry Potter movies. I saw the first one and I only thought it was alright. It didn’t make me all excited to watch the next ones like LotR did, but since it will be playing in our living room I suppose I will watch them.

I am excited for Arrested Development tonight!! Karin’s work schedule got changed so it looks like it will be me, Micah and Jake for tonight. Jake and I watched the last 2 episodes of Battlestar Galactica yesterday and now we have to wait till July to see the next one. I hate it when we catch up on a show before the current season has started, especially when the leave it with such huge cliff hangers like they did.

As you can all see we got my picture changed. No more hideous princess picture. We made the picture a link so you can see it bigger. Can you tell who Cooper is messaging??

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