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As some of you might know I took photography classes while we lived in Seattle which was mostly black and white photography. The most recent project I have been working on is a portfolio which consists of all the houses I ever lived in, and all the schools and churches I ever went to. So here they are:

This is the house I lived in from 2.5 year old to 8 years old. It is much smaller then I remember but that is because I was smaller back then.

This is the house I moved into at 8 years old and lived there until I was 13. It looks pretty much how I remember it.

This is the house I moved into at 13 years old and lived there until I was 15.

This house I moved into at 15 years old and lived there till I got married at age 20. My mom still lives there.

Moreland Church of the Nazarene, I went to as a small child. I have very few memories of it since we stopped going there when I was very young.

New Hope, I went to after the other one till I was in College.

Clinton Kelly Elementary School, I went to from Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Duniway Elementary School, I went to from 4th grade through 5th grade.

Sellwood Middle School, I went to from 6th grade through 8th grade.

Milwaukie High School, I went to for all 4 years of high school.

These 3 pics are some that I took on a photo shot while living in Seattle.




This last one is a pic that I took from our lanai while on Maui.

For all of you who said that Cooper will never run out of energy we have found out what will wear him out...heat.

Today I went home for lunch and as I was driving up to my house there was a guy in his car pulled over to the curb with his door open. He was throwing up on the street. I must say it wasn't making me very hungry for lunch.

Last Saturday a group of us went to the beach and played. We left Reese's house sometime in the morning and stopped for lunch at Tillamook Cheese Factory and had ourselves some cheese sandwiches and some ice cream. Our next stop was the meat store. We bought meat there. Then we went to Cannon Beach and played on Haystack rock. While we were walking down the beach I was looking down at my camera and I looked up in just enough time to see the frisbee peg me on my lower lip. If you have ever been to an Oregon beach you know how windy it is there so frisbees don't necessarily go where you are aiming. We walked around the town of Cannon Beach for a while too then we were off to Seaside. We looked in shops, played mini golf (and I must gloat) I was 2nd place with 26 and the 1st place winner had 25 so I almost beat everybody. As my phone says when I look at it "I rock!!" We had dinner at Norma's and then called it a day. We got home around midnight I think. But I stayed at Monica's and JP's house and watched a movie. So I got home around 3am.

As for Sunday I got up at around 9 and started getting ready to go to church with Tiffany. We planned to go to New Song but when I called her she said Caleb was coughing really badly so she wasn't going to go. That was actually better for me though since I was planning on throwing a surprise birthday party for my older sisters 30th birthday at 7 that night and I had a crap load of stuff to do. I went out and mowed the lawn and pulled some weeds then I came in and did about 9 loads of laundry and cleaned my entire house, top to bottom. I am glad my mom offered to do the grocery shopping or I wouldn't have gotten finished in time. The surprise went off without a hitch. I called Michelle and invited her and TJ over to play games and she kind of hesitated and said that she felt bad since my mom stayed home from my cousins high school graduation in Montana for her birthday she thought she should at least see her. So my great idea was to invite her over also and she loved the idea. When she got here Miya and Caleb were out playing the front yard so they were the perfect distraction. She said she just assumed I had invited them over to since it was her birthday. Apparently she didn't notice all our friends cars parked in front of my house and she didn't know what was going on till TJ opened the door and she saw about 20 people standing there. It was a lot of fun!!

I am sad to announce that my kitty didn't make it. The woman at PAWS said that she had some internal bleeding and as she was holding her she just died.

So the other day I came home for lunch and as I was pulling up to my house I saw something squirming on the driveway. So I parked and got out to see what it was. I looked at it a while and thought “hhhhhmmmm. It could be a kitten”, but I had never seen a kitten that small before so I wasn’t sure. I went inside and made my lunch all the while wondering “if that is a kitten I can’t just leave it in the driveway to die, or worse yet, leave it for Jake to drive over when he got home. I went back out after I ate and looked at it some more just in case it wasn’t a kitten I didn’t want to call the Humane Society and tell them I was bringing in a kitten then find out once I got there that it was a raccoon or opossum or something. It looked like there was dirt on it so I touched it to move it off and it meowed quite loudly. I hoped I didn’t hurt it but at least I knew for sure it was a kitten.

So I called my mom to see if she knew where to take it and she said to call the humane society but they are so far away so I called my vet first to see if there was anywhere closer and they said no so I called the Humane Society and the said that they don’t take stray kittens but they gave me the name and phone number to a place in West Linn called PAWS. They take in sick and abandon kittens and cats and nurse them back to health then adopt them out. So I got in the car and drove her over there. Her umbilical cord (which apparently was what I tried to pull off her) was still attached and it looked like there was part of her insides coming out of the hole so the lady at PAWS took her straight to the vet to have them examine her. The bad news is the hole was to small to push it back in but the good news is that there wasn’t enough coming out to be fatal so they put her on medicine and she should be fine in a couple weeks. I may have found a home for her already too. One of the girls at my work is quite excited about adopting her when she gets better. If I didn’t have such a maniac for a dog and if she didn’t need to be bottle fed every 2 hours I would consider keeping her. I snapped a few pictures of the kitten. She is very cute!!

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