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Does anyone else find this picture quite disturbing?

Well, I finally did it. I've moved back into the 21st century. I got rid of the big beast of a cell phone. No more bad reception, no more dropped calls, and I can now respond to text messages with text messages of my own. We got an amazing deal on them too. Jake got a $300 phone and I got a $100 phone and a $50 accessory pack all for only $50. We had to sign another 2 year contract but now that I have a new phone I don't think I will be unhappy with Verizon anymore.

Here is a pic that was sent to me and it was so funny I just had to share it.

Well, it has been twice now that I have looked outisde and heard Coopers tags on his collar jingle but he is nowhere in sight. There are cats that are on the other side of the fence so probably in an effort to "play" with them Cooper has discovered that he can dig his way over there into the neighbors yard. I guess he will have to be left in the kennel instead of the whole backyard from now on. Poor puppy!

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