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For my birthday Jake got me a Nintendo DS; and not just a regular ol' blue or silver one like you get in the US. He had a pretty pink one shipped from Hong Kong. It cost an extra $29 but it got here in record time. Would you believe only 2 days after he ordered it there it was on my front porch. But that was not my only present. He also got me Nintendogs. For any of you who don't know what that is, it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a game for the DS where you raise dogs. You can train them and they recognize the sound of your voice. They respond to their names and will do any command you have taught them. I've got a girl Chihuahua I've named Daisy and a boy Boxer I've named Duke. I'm thinking that for my next dog I will name him Boss Hog. Anyway, I am loving the game but I think it is really confusing Cooper. Since you have to say the commands out loud, if Cooper is around, he will do them when I say them and if I don't acknowledge his actions he goes and hides under the couch, where he sits and pouts the rest of the night. I just can't wait till I unlock the Jack Russell Terriers in the game...then my plot to replace Cooper with an animal that has a chill out switch will be complete. Of course I am only kidding...I could never replace my adorable little spastic Cooper.

After my month long sabbatical I think I am finally getting motivated to start writing in here again. Let’s see, July 19th was the last time I posted…sheesh…you guys are right, I am lazy!! I guess the 2 most exciting things that have happened since then have been, of course, my birthday, and the other is I had my 10 year high school reunion last Friday night. Jake wasn’t feeling well so I went solo. I had soooo much fun!! Only about 75 out of a 300 student class showed up but there were definitely people there that I was happy to see again. Some people look exactly the same but there were a couple that even though I knew who they were, they still didn’t look like who I remembered. After the reunion a bunch of us went over to the VooDoo Lounge downtown and danced. That too was really fun. Now this weekend is Labor day and after last weekend I don’t know what we could possibly do to top that.

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