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Last night Barb, Jen, Amy and I went to see Running Scared with Paul Walker. No, we didn't go see it with him (we wish) he was the star of the movie. I must say unless he has his shirt off in the movie it probably isn't worth seeing. So anyway...the four of us are sitting there and we are the only women in the theater. There were about 5 or 6 guy couples in there and Barb (being the funny girl she is) leans over and whispers to us "Are we in the theater for Brokeback Mountain and don't know it" We all just busted out laughing. As for the movie, it is about as far away from being a chick flick as a movie could possibly be, which we now know is why there were no other women there. Amy and Barb ended up leaving part way though and snuck into a different movie. Jen and I stayed but by the end I sort of wished I hadn't. It was super gory and Jen and I spent most of the time with our hands over our faces. There was one super cheesy part though….if you haven’t seen it yet and plan to don’t read the next sentence. At the end when Paul’s character was supposedly dying he is all bloodied up and laying in his wife’s arms and saying good bye and I know it is suppose to be this touching moment…but Paul totally snorted really loud. Jen and I totally lost it. I’m sure everybody in the theater was so annoyed with us by the end. The only reason we went to see it was because Paul was in it and for most of the movie he looked all banged up and bloody. I think next time we will just go watch Into the Blue again.

So most of you read Jake's blog so you already know we are planning to move to Maui in May. I would just like to say that I am so freakin' excited about it I can hardly stand it. I can't wait to get out of this cold weather. Jake is in Florida right now so he is getting an early dose of sun in preperation for our move. He was telling me last night that he was walking around Orlando at midnight with a short sleeve shirt on and I told him it wasn't fair cause it is in the 20's here. I just can't wait to be able to walk around in the middle of the night outside with shorts on. It is looking like we are going to have the Jeep shipped too so that makes me even more excited about going. I can't wait to drive around the island to Hana with the top of the Jeep down!! I only have 3 more months to wait till I can live in paradise! Jake, that lucky bum only has 2 more months. Just so you can all see what we are headed for I hope you enjoy all the pictures in this post. Aloha!

I know one of my last posts was about how I am not lazy but I guess I proved myself wrong after my 6 month sabbatical. I will be trying to post more on this blog again so please don’t give up on me.

So yesterday I was sitting at my computer doing stuff and this fly dive-bombed my forehead. Jake just sat and laughed because apparently it did that to him earlier. Not knowing where it went, I got up and went in the bathroom to take a shower and there it was on the ceiling, so I closed the door so I could barricade it in to try to kill it. It proceeded to fly around my head while I pretty much smacked myself silly and then landed on the vent. I just sat there and waited for it to come out but when it did I couldn’t tell where it went. So after much searching to no avail I gave up and stepped into the shower. As I closed the shower curtain there it was. Stupid thing flew right into my face again. I’ve never seem a more aggressive fly before. If you know me at all you know that bugs really freak me out so you can imagine that I screamed for Jake and jumped out of the shower. I proceeded to bat at it like a maniac until I finally prevailed. The fly from Hell is now at the bottom of my bathroom garbage can and we can all relax now.

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