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I dropped Jake off at the airport yesterday morning around 6am. I spent the majority of my day sitting on the beach and going in the water whenever I got so hot that I could hardly see straight. I went home at lunch time and BBQ'd up some hamburger then went back out to the beach for another couple hours. It was quite a relaxing day. Today it is so hot here I can hardly believe it!! It is 83 degrees right now and hardly any wind. I can't wait to get off work and take a dive into the ocean!

Also a lot of you have been asking about how the surfing went...well, we didn't end up going. We drove all the way over there and only then did Jake see the note that I had written myself about the place being cash only and we only had $40 so we couldn't go. So notes to myself only work if I actually read them...I was so pissed off at myself and both of us were super bummed. I am planning another trip for when Jake gets back from Japan and this time I will get it all ready and have the cash before the day of the lesson. We ended up going boggie boarding on saturday instead which was actually really fun because there were some awesome waves. One actually knocked me over and threw me around. It was great!

There was this painter that got a job painting a church. He was a dishonest painter and in an effort to make the paint last longer he added water to it. He began to paint but it looked really bad. He knew he was saving money so he continued on anyway. Suddenly God appeared to the painter and said "That paint job looks terrible. You need to repaint and thin no more."

That is the name I have given to this saturday. Jake and I are taking surf lessons and I am a bit nervous about it. I don't always have that good of balance on the floor let alone on a surf board...on wavy water...above a bunch of sharks!! I don't want to get eaten!

Alanui Ke Ali'i

It took me quite a few times of passing this street before I could actually say it right. I mean, come on, it's like a freakin' sentence!!

My drive to and from work is usually about 30 minutes of wind through my hair and beautiful scenery but yesterday on my way home there was an accident on Pi'ilani Hwy that closed the whole street down. This is 1 of 2 roads that lead from North Kihei to South Kihei. The other road is a 2 lane beach access road, so just imagine how slow that road would be moving due to all the highway traffic being diverted to it. So as I was sitting on Pi'ilani Hwy waiting to move even a little I decided that I would explore the back roads and see if any of them led me home. So I turned off the highway and onto a side street.

I was sitting there at a light that although it turned green and red and green again, no one seemed to move. I noticed some of the cars turning off on a 1 lane dirt road (road is used very loosely). There were some minivans going that route so since I was in the Jeep I figured it would be ok for me to take that route too. There were a couple cars in front of me that stopped for a while then turned around so I crept forward to see what the problem was. As I pulled around the minivan that was still trying to decide what to do, I saw the giant rocky valley that I would have to get past to get back on the road. There were a couple people that had gotten out of their cars to look and when they saw me they told me that I could easily make it. Their tips were to head down to the right then veer to the left to get around the crashed car at the bottom (which did not comfort me to see), then when I start to head back up just gun it and I should make it. Well, being that this was the first time I had ever done anything remotely close to 4 wheeling I was a bit nervous. But there was no way I was heading back to sit in traffic so I went for it. I did exactly what the guy had told me to do and held onto the steering wheel as tight as I could. When I got to the other side there were a few guys standing there and one of them told me that I had done that perfectly so I was pretty proud of myself.

It was definitely a short-cut because once I made it down to the beach road traffic was ok. The whole drive home yesterday, which should have only taken 30 minutes, took 1 hr & 15 minutes. I guess that is the price you pay for living in a place where there are only 2 roads leading to your house.

Here is where I have spent most of my day today. These pics don’t even begin to show how beautiful the whole scene was. It was amazing!

So I was sitting there on the beach and suddenly I found myself sitting on the Baywatch set. Can you find David Hasselhoff? If not maybe you will find him here...

Here are a couple pics of my amazing views as I drive to work in the morning...increadible!!

Yesterday was my first day at work and I must say it went pretty well, except for the fact that I was about to fall asleep all day long. This time change is really affecting me badly. I feel great in the morning but come afternoon I could barely keep my eyes open. The morning went by somewhat slow then I went out and sat in my car during lunch for about 20 minutes and in just that little amount of time my shoulders were red. A bit later I got a text message from Jake telling me that it was pouring in Kihei but when I looked up, there were hardly any clouds in the sky over me. I work 30 minutes from Kihei so it wasn’t a big surprise. Well about an hour later the rain started. Since it was beautiful when I left for work I didn’t bother bringing the doors or the side back windows with me. Big mistake!! It poured for about 2-3 hours and when I left work and went out to my car the seats had puddles in them. I had put the top up but that didn’t seem to do a whole lot. I grabbed some towels from my office and laid them down to sit on but after a 30 minute drive the water had soaked through the towels and through my jeans so when I got home it looked like I had wet myself. By that time it wasn’t raining in Kihei anymore so I left the sides off so the floors could dry but when I went out this morning they were still wet. When I got to work today it rained for a while so I put the sides on. But when I went to go to the bank I opened the car door and (I’m not really sure how to spell it but) wwoooohhh, that stunk so badly. Right now it is overcast but no rain. It is still 80 degrees though so I’m not complaining. I took some pics on my way to work this morning of the world around me. I will add them to this post later tonight once I download them from the camera. Aloha!

So I am finally the amazingly beautiful Maui! I landed yesterday at 12:50 and Jake was there to greet me with a lei. He brought me back to the apartment so we could drop my luggage off, did a bit of unpacking of my clothes, then we were off to Costco & K-Mart to buy a bunch of random crap that we needed. It is amazing how much money random crap adds up to!! I think I started falling asleep around 10:30 which to my body was 1:30.

I woke up this morning around 8am and kinda dinked around the house for a while then around 10 we headed to the DMV to register the Jeep and get Hawaii drivers licenses. We got the Jeep all registered but to get our drivers licenses, we’d have to do a written test. However, we couldn’t do it until after noon so we left and went to the store to get a drivers manual because apparently the DMV doesn't carry them. Then we studied the book over lunch at Cafe O Lei. My burger had sautéed onions on it like they have at was really good! After that we headed back to the DMV to take the tests. They did the vision test on me and it seems that I can't see very well from my left eye. I couldn't make out any of the letters. I didn't do well on the depth perception test either since my left eye sucks. I put on my glasses and was able to read all the letters so now I have been branded. I must wear them when I drive now. So we are officially Hawaii residents now.

Now that all the business was done we could get to the fun part of the day. It was about 1:00 when we finally got to go to the beach. We started at one of our favorites from our visit, Wailea. We hung out in the water for a while with our boogie boards but the waves weren't that great for boogie boarding. So we decided to head south and check out all the beaches that direction. There we some good ones and some that were just ok but we did, however, get to check out Little Beach which is known here for being a nude beach. I just find it very strange that people are ok with just walking around buck naked and not be self conscious about it. We didn't stay there long, just long enough to walk up the beach and back. We ended our day at the beach at Kama’ole III. That beach is the one that is a 5 minute walk from our place. We actually got a few good waves there.

Oh, while we were at Big Beach though we were walking along some rocks and looked down into the water and saw the biggest turtles I have ever seen. I didn't even know ones existed that big. They must have been at least 3 feet long but probably longer. We saw like 4 or 5 of them there too. It was such an awesome day today. There were many times during the day that I so wished that I had my camera with me because the views were just magnificent! I still can't believe that I live here. But my vacation is over until the weekend. I have to be at work tomorrow at 8am but I am kinda looking forward to it. It will be fun to meet new people and what better place in Maui to work than at a boat company. It is all just unreal to me.

I am happy to annouce that we have found a home for Cooper! My friend from work, Pawnee, came and picked him up last night and brought him home to her 11 year old daughter and 5 year old son. Her daughter knew she was getting a dog but it was a surprise to her son. As you could imagine he totally flipped out and played with him for the entire evening. Pawnee said he was totally pooped by the end of the night and slept solid though the night on her bed with her. However he did wake up at 5:30 ready to play which didn't make her happy since it wasn't time to get up yet. It is funny how Cooper seems to know that though. He used to wake us up every morning about 15 minutes before it was actually time to get up and I would just be thinking "sheesh, can't he wait 15 more minutes??" Anyways, it is such a relief to know he has gone to a good home and will have kids to play with.

Selling everything has gone smoothly. My mom and I spent the evening tonight emptying out the apartment. All I have left to do now is vacuum and clean the carpets and I will officially be out of there. I only have 3 1/2 days left till I fly out so I am getting pretty excited about it. Tomorrow is my last day at work and although I know it will be a fun day, I will be very sad to leave Princeton. I have gotten so close with a lot of the people there and we have become good friends. I will miss them terribly. We are, however, going to have one last karaoke night tomorrow night so everybody watch out...Britney is coming to Jo's Saloon!!

As some of you know I am leaving to go live on Maui a week from Monday and I thought I had found my dog, Cooper, a home. The people took him last night on a trial basis to see if he would get along with their Great Dane. As you could probably imagine, Cooper, being as small as he is and their dog, being pretty much the size of a small horse, was absolutely terrified of her. So now he will come back to me in need of a good home. So here are the details if you don't already know...

Cooper is 2 1/2 years old
He is a Jack Russell Terrier
He has been neutered
He will come with everything needed to care for him like a doghouse, crate, food and a bunch of accessories.
He has a lot of energy so he needs a home with people who can keep up with him and have a fenced in yard for him to run around, cause believe me...he will run like you would not believe.

Here are some pics of him so you can all see how ridiculously cute he is.

Like I said before, I've got till Sunday the 14th to find a place for him since I fly out Monday the 15th in the morning. So if any of you are interested or have any questions about him please call me at 503-367-8220 or e-mail me at

I don't think I could get any more bored. I'm just glad I still have my computer cause if I didn't I would literally be just staring at the wall. Things are really coming along with the packing. I've got a giant pile in the living room of stuff that we are going to give away to whoever wants it. I only have 1.5 weeks left then I will be in paradise. I can't believe it is already almost time to go.

By the way, when I get there and I am doing more then just sitting around I will blog more....I promise!

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