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Forget Hell
Explorers discover Heck!

This past weekend has by far out-funned all other weekends since we have been here. Saturday afternoon me and Jake and 9 friends headed out in a 4 car caravan on our way to Hana. We stopped at a bamboo forest to go see the waterfall at the end. It was so beautiful. We hiked through the bamboo and then you have to swim for about 5-10 minutes to get to the end and see the waterfall. Some of them jumped off the rocks but I totally wimped out and didn’t even climb up to try to jump. When we got back to the car one of Nick’s friends, James’, back pack had been stolen from the Jeep. So we called the police and had him write James a temp license so he can get on the plane on Wednesday to fly home to Tennessee. So he now has no money, debit card, ID, credit card and camera and cell phone. That so totally sucks.

Once we got to the campsite we pretty much just chilled. There was no campfire pit so we sat around the lantern had a few drinks and chatted late into the night. The next morning I was going to get up and watch the sun come up over the water but it took me to long to get dressed. By the time I got out there the sun had just risen. There was just a few people up so far so me, Gene & Matt all went out and hiked on the rocks. At one point we were standing on some rocks and suddenly a large wave came and completely soaked us. Although it was only about 6:30am it was still hot enough for the ocean shower to feel good.

Once we left the campsite our first stop for the day was Venus Pool. So I jumped off a bridge into the water about 11 years ago and that was the last time I jumped into the water like that. I was so scared to jump off a rock even though it was only about 5 feet up. Finally after staring at the water for a while Bret came up and grabbed my hand and jumped. It was fun once I actually did it. It is just a matter of building up the nerve to step off. After jumping off that rock a few times I moved up to a rock that was about 5 feet taller. This time I told Jake that if he jumped I would. Next thing I knew Jake was plummeting into the water and my first thought was “oh crap, now I have to jump”. Once I did, that too was really fun!

We stopped for lunch at Hana Ranch Restaurant then headed to Hamoa Beach. That is definitely one of the best beaches on Maui. The waves were enormous!! We did a little boogie boarding and a lot of swimming then headed over the Red Sand beach. It was quite a hike along the side of a mountain. That beach was just alright. The sand (it would be more accurate to call it small rocks) was really sharp and not nice to walk on. That was our last stop on the trip. Two of the cars left while we were at Hamoa Beach and went back the same way we came and the rest of us continued on around the island. It was such a pretty drive.

After all the hiking, rock jumping, climbing has completely worn me out. My muscles are so sore but I would have to say it is worth it because we had so much fun!

Yesterday I went to work like any other day. About 10 minutes after I got there my boss came in and told me that he was going to call me but he didn't have my new number. Apparently Sunday was King Kamehameha Day which meant I got one more day to spend soaking up the sun. It was a beautiful day too. Seriously, life couldn't get better than this!

This little piggy went to Big Beach
This little piggy stayed home
This little piggy had Kalua Pork.............

Does that make the little piggys canibals??

Just a warning…this is going to be long so I hope you have a few minutes.

Well, when Jake left I thought I was going to be in for 2 weeks of sitting at home or at the beach by myself and counting the days till Jake gets back. I am still counting the days till he gets back but I’m definitely not alone. Last Thursday at bible study I met a girl named Ashley there and we talked for a while. By the time we were leaving she had invited me to go on a hiking trip for Saturday with all of her friends. That sounded like fun so I gave her my number.

Saturday morning came and when she called she said that no one wanted to go hiking anymore so they were doing a beach day instead. I was already at Kam III when she called and the plan was to head to Big Beach so she said they would stop by and pick me up since it was right on the way. When her and her 2 roommates, Bret & Nick got there I jumped in the back of their truck and we were off. We met up with a few others down there and spent the entire day down there. Ashley and I and another girl I met named Katrina (Kat) all took a walk down to the end to see if there were any tide pools in the rocks but there weren’t. I really wanted to boogie board but the waves were ridiculously big so I chickened out. We stayed there and watched the sunset. It was so amazingly beautiful. Saturday night we all went out to a bar to people watch. Man, there are some strange people here. We planned to try the hiking idea again on Sunday so we got up early so we could go to the early church service which is at 8am.

Sunday morning started out just as we planned. I stopped by her place on the way to church so we could ride together and we went to church. We were both running on very little sleep so we kept nudging each other every once in a while to make sure the other was still awake. After church we went back to her place to see if the guys were up yet. (Apparently they hadn’t gone home when we did. They went down to the beach till about 4am) They were still sleeping so her and I and one of her neighbors, Eugene, (I had met him on Saturday at the beach) walked down to Kihei Cafe for breakfast. By this time we had all simultaneously backed out on hiking since we were all so tired from the night before. Eugene said that at the end of this uphill 3 hour hike is a 55 ft cliff you have to jump off of into the water. If you know me at all you know I am a wimp so I am extremely glad we didn’t end up doing that. So what else is there to do on Maui on a nice Sunday morning…GO TO THE BEACH!! Eugene was going to meet up with us later and when we got back to Ashley’s place the guys were still sleeping so her and I headed down to Big Beach again with the plan of them coming when they got up. The last couple of days there had been a dark cloud just sitting right on top of the beach so we didn’t stay long. We decided to leave when it started to sprinkle on us. We ended up going to a beach that is on the north end of Kam I called Charles something. It was a pretty nice beach and it is in Kihei (where the sun always shines). That is where we spent the majority of the day. They all planned on going to an Irish Pub that night so we didn’t end up staying for the sunset. The band that was playing at that place was done at 10pm so a bunch of us went back to Ashley’s and hung out for a while. We had gone back to my place at some point and dropped off my car so Ashley was going to take me home. We all were chatting so much we didn’t realize how late it got so she pulled out the hide-a-bed in the living room and I slept there. She drove me home in the morning with enough time for me to get ready for work.

Yesterday (Monday) during the day I worked so there isn’t much to tell about. Last night though they all went out to a night club. Nick was telling me that this place is a good place to go watch weird people. Man was he right!! There was a hippie guy there that was dancing like he had no control over his body. He had his shirt unbuttoned and while he was dancing it kept coming off one shoulder. He didn’t care though…he just kept on dancing. There was this old guy there that Ashley and Amanda both told me is always asking all the women to dance. It was kind of sad though because as we were watching them there were women that turned him down. Toward the end of the night Ashley decided she was going to go ask him to dance. It was so cute. They were dancing and chatting. It was so much fun!!

Tonight it’s Taco Tuesday at Fred’s Mexican Restaurant just down the street from my place. They serve $2 tacos and $2 margaritas every Tuesday there. So I’m thinking maybe a little sunset at Kam 3 then walk over to Fred’s for some tacos.

It is so unbelievable!! Since Saturday I have met so many amazing people! Everybody I have met is so nice it really feels like we have all been friends forever! I just can’t wait for Jake to get back so he can meet everybody. The last couple days have been hard on me though. I’m used to getting a lot more sleep then I have been. We are all just having so much fun though I don’t want the nights to end.

I am just sitting here at work, door open, breeze blowing in softly when all of a sudden I hear the most horrible, loud sound I have ever heard. I walk outside and go into the shop and ask one of the guys what that is. Well, apparently on the first day of every month they test the tsunamis horns to be sure they work. They blow this thing for at least a minute. My first response after the guy told me what it was was that I hope a tsunamis doesn’t come on the first day of the month, then or we are all screwed. He said that if it were not just a test the pitch of the horn would be different. So except for the fact that I am now partially deaf I am ok with it, now that I know were are not all going to die!

Tonight I want to church and listened to a sermon about getting the excitement back into my relationship with God. I felt very convicted about how I have been living my life the past couple of years. I have completely lost focus of my relationship with God. In fact I don’t even know if all of you who read my blog even know I am a Christian. I have not been the best example of Christianity and for that I am sorry. I want to get back to the way things were when I first became a Christian and I was so excited to go to church and so excited to talk to people about God. I want to live the kind of life that when people look at me they know there is something different about me. I want to start listening to the convictions that I feel when I am doing something that is not pleasing to God instead of just ignoring it and going on with whatever it is that I am doing. I want to actively pursue God’s will in my life. Being here in the most beautiful surroundings and finding a wonderful church with so many welcoming people and hearing sermons that so far have been what I needed to hear on the day that I hear it has just been amazing to me. I know God has brought me and Jake here for a reason and maybe part of the reason is for us to reconnect with God and with each other. I have really felt God working in my heart since I have been here and I know He will continue to as long as I am willing to hear what He has to say.

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