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After the first day of diving I was totally in love with Scuba but the second day of diving made me think again. It was still fairly good visibility but not even close to what it was before. Also during the first dive I got really cold and had to get out because I couldn't stop shivering. When I got back in I was ok for a while then I started to feel sick. I really wanted to push through and finish doing all the skills so I didn't get behind so I stayed in as long as I could. When I started to to feel like I was going to throw up that is when I gave up and got out. We had class during the afternoon so that was my second day. The third day I came prepared. We were told about Seaband which are wristbands that push on the pressure points on your wrists and are suppose to stop you from getting sick. I was a bit skeptical about them but I got them anyway just in case they worked I wouldn't have to cut the dive short. They worked like a charm. No sea sickness at all. Also to fix the getting cold situation...the teacher, Rachel, brought me an extra wetsuit. I tried the first dive on sunday without it and got pretty cold. Once I put the other wetsuit on I was fine for the rest of the day. I think when I buy my own wetsuit I will get a thicker one then the one I was wearing so I don't have to wear 2 every time. Overall I am really happy that we started diving. It is so peaceful down there and very pretty! I can't wait till I take my camera down there and take some pics to post on here. I think we will be diving again the weekend after Labor day since we will be in Lanai over that weekend. I've heard that Lanai has some amazing things to look at diving so maybe we will end up going this weekend also.

Jake already told you at about what we did on Saturday so I will tell you about our adventures on Sunday...

Well, we finally did it! We had our first SCUBA diving class last Sunday. It was absolutely amazing!! We went to bed on Saturday night around 9:30 so we would get a good night sleep before hand. We had to be at Maui Dream Dive Shop at 7am so we could get our gear fitted up and since we were going to have other people in our class we all met there so we could ride out to the water together. I was expecting to do pool dives first since that is what the book kept taking about, but apparently here they don’t require that so off we were to the beach for our first dive.

We had review time sitting on the grass for about 30 minutes then we all got geared up. Let me tell you…that stuff is unbelievably heavy. Once we all got the stuff on we had to walk about 30 yards to the water. That was the hardest walk I have ever done. Once we got in the water though I couldn’t even tell I had anything on. We put our mask and fins on and put the regulator in our mouths and went down. It freaked me out right when I put my face underwater and exhaled. For some reason I wasn’t expecting to have bubbles around my face, I don’t know where else the air would go but I didn’t expect that. Once I realized that it was normal I was ok.

We all went down to the bottom and did a few exercises like clearing your mask, taking your regulator out and putting it back in and clearing it…things like that. Once we all did them successfully we got to start swimming around. We got to see Puffer Fish, Eels, a whole bunch of other fish that I don’t know the names of. But the best thing we saw down there in my opinion was gigantic turtles. The biggest one we saw was roughly 4-5 feet from head to tail. We got about 5 feet from it. At least that is how far it looked from me which means it was probably more like 6 or 7 feet from me. Our deepest point was 37' and we were underwater for 73 minutes. It didn’t feel that long. The instructor had us guess how long we were down for and I was guessing longer then I actually thought and my guess was 60 minutes.

After that we went back up to shore and had to walk back up to where we started and take off our gear. That walk was actually worse then the walk down and my back was killing me so Jake grabbed the bottom of my tank and took most of the weight of it into his hands which was a tremendous help. We then went back down into the water and had to swim without stopping 200 yards. I really wish we had done that before the dive because I was already totally exhausted. Well, believe it or not…I did it. Not only did I do that, we had to float or tread water for 10 minutes after that. The waves were coming and the wind was blowing so floating wasn’t as easy as it sounded. So I went back and forth between floating and treading water. When it was all over I felt like I had just accomplished something that I never would have imagined being able to do, especially after diving for over and hour.

Our next class is on Saturday. We will be doing 2 dives in the morning and class in the afternoon then on Sunday we will be diving all day. I am really looking forward to it! I can’t wait till I learn to take underwater pictures! That will be amazing!

At the end of the month, Jennifer, from Princeton Property is coming to visit me and she has never been one for karaoke. Well, I got an e-mail today saying if I could come up with a song for us to do a duet with then she would sing it with me. So I want to put this out there for suggestions....What do ya'll think a good duet song would be??

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