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I know I haven't posted in a while but not much has been going on. We went to Lana'i over Labor Day weekend and had a great time. We rented a Jeep and drove all the dirt roads and rocky roads. I would post pics but all my pics from the trip are on the laptop which has officially died. We ran into some people that we recognized from our church on the boat and ended up spending out last day there lounging at the pool at The Four Seasons Resort. We were staying in Lana'i City and even though the place we stayed was cute it was fun to spend the day at a nice resort. On the way there on the ferry we saw about 20 dolphins swimming around the boat and doing flips for us. That was pretty cool. I'd never seen live dolphins before.

My mom and my aunt have been here visiting since the 16th and it seems my mom has finally found a place where she is not freezing her butt off. She even admitted that the water was warm enough for her. If you know her you know that this is amazing to hear her say. We are taking them to Hana this weekend and showing them all the sights on the other side of the island. I can't wait to boogie board at Hamoa Beach again. This time I won't have Kat pushing my board and yelling "PADDLE, PADDLE, PADDLE" :(

Our next big outting is going to Shannon's wedding in Kauai on October 13-17. Then 3 days later Billy and Kalin arrive for the next 10 days. Then Chris and Kieran might be coming in early November then we will be in Portland over thanksgiving. Then in December Jake's family will be here for the 16th-2nd I think. As you can see The Foster Inn is booking up quickly so all of you who still want to come better get your name on the schedule. :)

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