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Ok. Let’s see if I can remember everything we have been doing. My last post was talking about how busy we were going to be and man have we been busy!! We had a great time with my mom and aunt in Hana. We couldn’t drive all the way around the island due to another fire on that side but we didn’t know the road was closed till after we drove for an hour and got to the road block so we had to turn around and drive back the way we came. It was getting dark by that time so we had to drive those windy roads in the dark.

Weekend before last we were in Kauai for Shannon’s wedding. It is very beautiful over there. The beaches were not as good as Maui’s beaches but they were still alright. I’m sure most of you have heard about the earthquake that Hawaii had recently….We were sleeping in our cottage on Kauai and woke up to it shaking slightly. Kauai is on the opposite end of the island chain from where the epicenter was so it wasn’t very strong. We were, however, worried a bit about the fact that it down-poured the day before and the cottage was on the side of a mountain up on stilts. So we were just hoping it wouldn’t go sliding down the hill. I must say…it was a pretty neat experience. The best part of that trip has to be the helicopter tour we did over the island. It was an absolutely amazing sight. Here are some pics from the helicopter but just know that these pics don’t do it justice. It was spectacular!!

Billy and Kalin arrived last Friday night. We went to West Maui Saturday morning to see Nakalele Blowhole. That thing was shooting higher then I have ever seen it shoot. It was awesome! It looked a little different then last time we were there and then I realized it was because some of the rock was next to it had collapsed and huge rocks were next to it when they had once been attached to the wall. It must have been the earthquake. I can’t imagine anything else that would do that to it. After we left there we drove around that side of the island for the first time. There is a road over there that is about the scariest road I have ever driven on. It is barely wide enough for one car and the edge of the pavement is also the edge of the cliff.

This weekend we are hiking 4 miles into Haleakala Crater to our cabin where we are staying the night on Saturday night. I am looking forward to that! Billy and Kalin head home on Sunday evening after we get back from our hike out of the crater. Then we have 3 days to move into our new place. It is close to our place now. Roughly the same price but it is in a house with a yard.

Then on Thursday the 2nd Chris and Kieran arrive and will be here till the 7th. We are going to take them to Hana and stay at the same place we stayed at with my mom and aunt. Hopefully the road will be open this time and we can show them the other side of the Hana Hwy.

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