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I would like to whole heartedly agree with Tony's opinion of Carrie Underwood. There is one song in particular that I really love. I found it on YouTube but there is a super cheesy video that someone made to go with the song. So please ignore the video and listen to the words of the song. It is really good!

Next door to my office there is a house that has cock fights in the front yard so there are chickens and roosters everywhere. The other day I went to get in my car which is parked next to the driveway of the house next door and as I walked up I saw a sight I can honestly say I have never seen before....there sitting in the drivers seat was one of their chickens...Too weird!

Only 3 days left until we arrive back in Portland for the first time since moving to Maui. I am really excited to see everybody but at the same time I am not looking forward to how cold it is there. My mom tells me that Caleb and Miya have grown a lot and Taylor is walking now. I think that will be the strangest change for me. We arrive at PDX at 11:10pm so I think we won't be doing much that night. Sunday Jake and I were talking about going to our old church, Greater Gresham Baptist Church, for a visit. We've been there maybe 5 times since moving to Seattle in 2000 so I'm sure things have changed, people look different, maybe they won't ever recognize us or remember us. So we've got plans while we are there from Thursday through when we leave so we have to figure out what to do for the first half of the week while everyone is working. I can't wait to go visit my girls at Princeton!!

I guess to sum it all up I can't wait to see all of you!!

So I saw this on Micah's blog and it inspired me to see what celebrities I resemble. I was very distrubed by my findings. Apparenly I look the most like Jet Li??? And come on...Martin Scorsese?? Just cause we have the same eyebrows doesn't mean I look like him. The only one I would even get close to agreeing with is Penelope Cruz and that just might be because she is the only white girl with brown hair on the list. Also with Mother Teresa on my list I guess I will know what I will look like when I am 100 years old.

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