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Well, it wasn't anything serious. I got stronger medicine from the doctor and came home and laid on the couch all day. The medicine seems to be helping though so hopefully it won't last much longer.

So jake has been sick off and on (mostly on) for the past few months and I seemed to immune to his illness. I got a little cold during that time frame but nothing compared to what Jake was going through. Well, now it's my turn. Last Wednesday I started to not feel so good and so I went home from work early. I didn't go in Thursday or Friday because I still felt awful. Sunday night I thought I was getting better. My nose was still a little stuffed up but other then that I felt fine. As I was getting ready for bed last night my throat started to hurt and by the middle of the night I woke up and I couldn't even swallow without horrible pain. I have already missed 2 1/2 days of work so I thought I'd at least try to make it in to catch up as much as I could. As I was driving to work I started getting chills, while at the same time my forehead was sweating so I knew I was getting a fever and I thought (why am I going to work today?) I made a doctor appt for my throat to make sure I don't have strep or mono or something serious. So I guess we'll find out in a couple hours. Update to come....

Jake and I had a fabulous time on The Big Island. It felt like a full long vacation. We did a lot of sight seeing and not so much sitting on the beach. That is because there is so much to see and not really any great beaches. At least not on the Kona side. We did some hiking and saw some amazing sights. You can look at all the pics we took on the trip if you go to this webpage and click on the file called Kona January 2007. I've added descriptions to each pic so you will know what you are looking at. Also on Jake's blog he posted a video clip of some turtles that we got very close to. It was a great trip and now this weekend we've got Kauai! Don't worry...more posts to come!

OK, it has been almost a month so it is about time to post. Jake is right though. There is so much to talk about that it seems like such an overwhelming task to write about it all. So I’ll just write about the first stuff that comes to mind.

Jake's parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece were here from December 14th through New Years. We all had a great time! We spent almost all the evenings at Julie's condo so it sort of felt like we were on vacation with them. We took them to Hana over Christmas weekend thinking we could go all the way around since the broken bridge was replaced; but farther up the road it was still closed so we still have only gone all the way around once back when we first got here. It is definitely not for lack of trying though. We took Julie and David snorkeling at Ahihi Bay where they got to see their first giant turtles. We all hiked out to fishbowl and snorkeled there also. Jake, David & Julie got really ambitious and got up at 6:30am one morning and hiked out to aquarium, which is similar to fishbowl but quite a bit larger. I was WAY too tired so I didn’t make that trip.

We also tried to take them to West Maui to see Nakalele Blowhole and Olivine Pool but the surf was so ridiculously large that you could have easily been swept out to sea when the waves crashed on the rocks. They ended up going back later in the week and playing in it though so at least they didn’t miss out on that.

On the last Saturday that they were here we took them to Mulligan’s on the Blue to have dinner and watch the Celtic Tigers play. We usually go on Sunday nights when it is much more of a local crowd. There is a part of one of their songs that when they say “I called the wife and I said to her…” the audience is supposed to yell “HEY WIFE”. When they got to that part of the song Jake and I belted out “HEY WIFE”. Being that the place was filled with tourist everyone around us looked at us as if to say “What the hell was that?” The band stopped playing and informed everyone else of the rules of the song. I don’t know about Jake but I was quite embarrassed. It was fun though.

This weekend Jake and I are heading for The Big Island. I am really looking forward to it. This is the only main island I haven’t been to yet and Maui is still at the top of my list so we’ll see if that changes after this weekend. In February we have another 3 day weekend and might be making a trip to Molokai. That would finish off my list of islands that I have been to (not counting Kaho’olawe, which was used for bomb testing in the past and not open to tourism, and Ni’ihau, which is a small island off the west coast of Kauai. It is open only for the Hawaiian families that work the land.)

I promise that I will try to update you on our trip to The Big Island with pictures and everything.

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