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Let me try an experiment on all of you…

I am going to type 3 words and I want you to say them each individually out loud then say them all together over and over. Continue saying these words out loud until you discover the deeper meaning behind these words:


Don’t continue reading until you have truly discovered the meaning….

Hahaha I just got you to sit at your computer and say out loud what a dork you are! haha

You can all thank Jake for that one!

This morning I was heading toward the door to go to work when I noticed out of the corner of my eye something that looked like a small stick. It was brown and about a half inch wide and about 1.25 inches long. I looked at it thinking "what the heck is that?" As I got closer I realized it had legs. My friends...it was the largest cockroach I had ever seen in my life. As I sit and type this just remembering watching it run still gives me the heebie jeebies. I am just glad Jake was willing to step up and get it outside cause I couldn't even stand to look at it. So thanks Jake! You're my hero!

Jake and I spent last weekend on the Big Island. Since we already saw Kona we stayed about 30 miles out of Hilo in Volcano. We flew into Hilo Saturday morning and since we had the whole day to explore we made a few stops on the way to Volcano. There was a warm spring along the way so we stopped and went swimming. The water is volcanically heated but to me it seemed very sporadically heated. You could be standing in warm spot and 1 foot away from that spot is cold. Just as we were getting in it started to rain and as we continued to get in it started to downpour. Jake got in quickly while I ran over and moved our towels out of the rain to under a tree. Then I ran into the water. Just on the other side of the break wall was large crashing waves in the ocean. I was glad we went in there instead of the waves. We stayed there for about a half hour then continued on into Volcano and checked into our hotel.

That night we decided to hike out to see the lava. We saw the maps and since it said it was only a 1.5 mile hike we headed out. Our plan was to get out there before dark so we could see it in the daylight then stay there till it was dark so we could also see it in the dark. So we set out over the lava rock. There were reflectors on the rocks so we knew where to go. After hiking for a while we came to the end of the reflectors where there were some people sitting on the rocks watching the lava. It was still quite a ways off so we continued hiking. As we were walking I started thinking “man…this feels like a lot farther then 1.5 miles. But we still weren’t very close so we kept going. It started getting dark and we still weren’t there but we had flashlights and there were flashing light poles about every quarter mile so we continued. I knew at that point this hike was going to be a lot longer then anticipated. Once we got to the “Don’t go any farther” rope it was pitch black and not that far off in the distance we could see lava flowing off the rocks into the ocean. It was truly one the most spectacular sights I have ever seen. We took some pics and some video for a while. A couple came hiking down from up the rope and told us that if we hike up the rope we can see lava up close. That was what I was hoping to see the most so after a bit we hiked up the rope to the end and boy was it hot up there. When the wind blew toward us from the lava not only was it ridiculously hot but it was sulfur air so it stunk really bad. We couldn’t stay close for very long. We got about 10 feet from it though and took some pics of that. You can see them all on our photos page on Jake's blog. We stayed over there for about an hour and then we started the grueling task of hiking back. Just imagine hiking over lava in the dark with only a flashlight. We had to use the flashing light poles more on the way back then we did on the way there. By the time we got back we were both in so much pain it was unbelievable. We looked at the map again when we got back and realized why the hike seemed so much longer then what we thought we were doing. It turns out the 1.5 mile hike we planned on doing was just to where the reflectors ended and back. So the hike we ended up doing was the 7 mile (round trip) hike that takes you out to the danger line. I can’t remember last time my body was in so much pain.

The next day we did a few small hikes then went back to our hotel room and took a long nap. That was a pretty relaxing day.

Monday we planned on going down and hiking 1.5 miles (round trip) to see the petroglyphs but when Jake got out and tried to put his poncho on it was way to windy and rainy to even stay down on him. We gave up on that hike and the hike we were going to do after that one. Instead we went into Hilo and went to the tsunami museum. That was pretty cool. We got to learn about the dangers of living where we do from people that lived through past tsunamis here. We then went and toured the Lyman Museum and the Lyman’s house that is now part of the museum. After that we went and walked down by the water where there was a little park that looked like a Chinese garden. It was really pretty. We then headed back to the airport and flew home. It was definitely one of my favorite inter-island vacations we have taken.

I just heard a commercial on the radio about health insurance. They made an incredibly bold and a bit outrageous statement...this is what it said: "If you don't have health insurance you are far more likely to get a life threatening illness." Come on...whether you have health insurance or not anyone can get a life threatening illness. Ridiculous!

When I was around 7 years old my younger sister and I were spending the night in the family room just for fun. I don't remember which one of us had the idea but we decided that we were going to sneak into the kitchen and share an entire bag of chocolate chips. Our parents room was quite a ways away from the kitchen so we thought we would be safe from getting in trouble. Being the smart young girls that we were we hadn't thought of the fact that eating half a bag each of chocolate chips would make us horribly ill. It was a while before I could eat chocolate chips again.

When I went to the bank today I parked on the street and when I got out my attention was caught by a little clothes shop display window. This is what I saw. I am going out on a limb here and I am saying I think the pattern of this dress isn't really appropriate....

I don't think that is really what it looks like but I honestly couldn't tell what the pattern was.

There is a pool across the street from my office that I go to at lunch time for a swim. Well a couple of days ago someone broke in and threw everything in the pool area into the pool. They broke the changing room door and broke into the lifegaurd office and trashed it. Seriously...are people that bored and/or retarded that they are going to vandalize a public pool??? They didn't even steal anything, they just trashed it. It is closed today so they can fix the stuff they broke. People amaze me sometimes!

Today Jake and I spent the afternoon at Wailea Beach. When we got home we walked up to the house and saw that the front door and screen were wide open. I kinda yelled "hello" into the house just in case it was the landlord or something but got no response. Our front door is actually a sliding glass door with a sliding screen door and sliding door blinds. We tried to open the blinds so we could go in but they were all jacked up. So we fixed it and came in. There were leaves scattered around the entry way. We went straight upstairs to our landlords to see if they sent anyone down there while we were gone and when we told her that our door was open when we got home she was a bit freaked out just like we were. I was absolutely sure that I had closed it and locked it when we left and our landlord's husband confirmed that for me when he told me that when he left about a half hour before that the door was closed. It was a possibility that I locked it but it wasn't closed all the way and that is how someone got in. No matter how it happened someone definitely opened the door. Fortunately nothing was taken. My guess is they came in and heard the people upstairs and got spooked and ran out without getting anything and that is how the blind slats were so jacked up. Also Jake said he saw a group of teenagers walking down the street as we were turning onto our street so maybe it was them...who knows. You better believe that I am going to make sure the door is closed all the way and locked before I leave from now on.

Since I have been sick I have watched every single thing on Tivo that I was interested in watching so last night I decided to channel search. What I came across brought me back to the 4th grade standing in my living room on a blanket dancing with Tiffany to "Let's get together". Yes it was none other then the original Parent Trap. It was crazy...every line they said I remember hearing it as a kid and loving it. I'm sure my mom remembers that movie and probably hates it from hearing it so many times. The best part was that when the song and dance came on we would lay out our blanket, do our dance and sing our hearts out and when it was over we would rewind and do it over and over again. I really miss that! It was a lot of fun!

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