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For if it were not for you, Prince Kuhio, I would have been at work on Monday instead of sitting on the beach soaking up the sun.

Saturday Jake and I got up early and headed over to meet some of Jake’s coworkers at Ulua Beach to do some snorkeling. It was pretty clear…unfortunately we didn’t get to see a whole lot. We did see a bug turtle though. That’s always cool. We hung out there for the morning and early afternoon then headed home to relax there.

Sunday was however the best day of the whole weekend. We got up around 8 or 9 or so and relaxed at home for a couple hours and played some WOW. I’ve wanted to go back to Nakalele Blowhole for quite a while so we packed up our beach bag and headed off to West Maui. We stopped in Lahaina to eat at Aloha Mixed Plate. After lunch we continued on to the blowhole. When we got there we walked down the path a ways until we could see the blowhole from the top of the mountain. We stood there and waited and waited but no blowing happened. We got a few spits but nothing bigger then that. So we decided against hiking down to it when nothing was happening. I was pretty bummed out since I was really looking forward to it. At least we tried. We did walk over to the top of a rock and the wind was blowing so hard that I nearly couldn’t stand. Next stop was Hanaloa Bay to do some snorkeling. The best thing we saw there was the largest school of fish I have ever seen. We swam along side it in hopes to see the end. That school nearly went on forever. By the time we got out of the water my ankles were killing me. It was really fun though. We then packed up and headed back home. Along the way I thought that ice cream sounded good so we stopped at Baskin Robbins and got some. Jake had suggested that we not go home yet but instead go to Kam 2 and relax. I had already suggested going to watch the sunset so headed down to Kam 2 and we sat there for the next 2 or so hours until the sunset. Man, once that sun set I was freezing sitting there in my swimsuit. So I wrapped up in my towel until we decided to head home. The only way that day could have been more perfect was if the blowhole had been blowing. Even though it wasn’t blowing I still had an amazing time!

Monday was a lot like Saturday, minus the getting up early and snorkeling. We spent the day lounging on Kam 1. For most of the time there were no clouds so we had to get into the water quite a few times just to cool down. There weren’t waves big enough to boogie board but that didn’t stop me from trying to catch a few of the waves. Although I wasn’t able to catch any waves with my board Jake did manage to catch a few with his body. That was a very relaxing day. After the beach we went home and I’m ashamed to admit it but we spent from about 6:30 through 11:30 playing WOW.

Overall it was a very nice relaxing weekend and a lot of fun too!

We just finished watching the season finale for Battlestar Gallactica and don't worry...if you TIVO'd it and haven't watched it yet I'm not going to ruin it for you. After the episode ended, with cliffhangers of course, they said something that dropped my mouth to the floor. Apparently some genius thought they didn't need to start the new season until 2008...IT'S ONLY MARCH!! What are they thinking? They want us to wait almost a year for the next episode? I won't even remember what happened by the time they start the next season. So if by some small chance anyone at the Sci-Fi station sees this.......YOU ALL SUCK! We want more BSG, THIS YEAR!!

9 years ago today Jake and I walked down the aisle and got married. We have been through a lot in the past years together good and bad. We have had a lot of fun together too! Jake has always been there for me whenever I needed him. He has been such a great friend to me and I love him dearly. As I reminisce about the past and think about the future I can honestly say I have never been as happy with my life as I am right now! So thank you Jake for being the best husband a girl could ask for. I love you more then words could ever say and I post this on my blog so the whole world would know how much I love you! Happy Anniversary sweetheart!

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