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In my office at work I have wood paneling ceiling and there is a section of it that is broken apart from the rest which leaves about a 1 inch gap in the panels. I was working at my desk when I heard noices coming from up there. I got up and went over to look and all of a sudden a see something falling at my face. I jump out of the way just in time and see that it was a gecko that lost its footing, took a dive then scurried off. Note to self...when you hear noises coming from a hole in the ceiling and can't see what it is....DO NOT STAND UNDER IT!

Oh man, I was just sitting here at my desk minding my own business when I saw this guy walk into the store. He had board shorts on and no shirt. His shorts were about 2 sizes too large for him though. If there is more then 3 inches of butt crack showing would it still be considered crack?? In my opinion that is just a plain 'ol moon!

Last week I was at work sitting at my desk when all of a sudden I heard fluttering sounds coming from on top of the boxes on the shelves. Even on top of a chair I couldn't see over the boxes that were on the top shelf so I grabbed a ruler and swipped it across the box to see what came out. Thinking back on it that was kind of a bold move considering some of the creatures that are here. What came fluttering out was a cute little birdie, only about 2 inches tall.

He kept fluttering around trying to find the exit but just kept slamming into walls. He found a place to stop on top of a poster that was hanging on the wall. I gotta say...that bird had some good balance. He made his way back over to the top shelf but this time landed in front of the boxes. I grabbed my ruler again and surprisingly he let me push the ruler against his belly. Slowly one claw stepped onto the ruler. I lifted the ruler up a little to see if he was on there all the way but his other claw was still on the shelf. So I pushed again against his belly and the other claw stepped up. He just kind of stood there on the ruler while I carried it out the door. I was planning to set him on the ground in case he was hurt but as soon as I got him outside he flew away.

What would you do if you walked into your kitchen and looked up on the wall and to your horror you saw this, a spider the size of a tarantula standing there? Well if you are anything like me you would spaz out while screaming nonsense sentences and run into the other room so you could not see it. What it was was a cane spider. I've seen one at work before that had about a 1 inch leg span. I was told that was just a baby one so I was really hoping I would never see an adult one. Unfortunately I had to see one in my house. On that web page did you happen to see how many inches it says they are?? That is waaaay to big to be living in my house. Supposedly they eat cockroaches and other insects but I would have to agree with Jake in his comment "i'd rather have cockroaches!"

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