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Here are the pics of our most recent trip over Memorial Day weekend to Oahu. We did some hiking, lots of driving around, snorkeling 3 times and lots of beach lying.

We were driving out to the end of the road in the northwestern side of the island as we drove by the YWCA we saw some yellow cabins and a gazebo and thought "man, that looks familiar” So we snapped some pics to check the internet when we got home. We were right. It was "The Others" camp from the show Lost. What is funny is that the pics are taken from our car driving past which means that the camp was about 15 feet from the road. Sure doesn't look like there is a road that close to the camp on the show.

So as for the pics, Jake has added some descriptions to them and I will be adding more soon. Enjoy.

I want to share the lyrics of a song that I recently heard that put me in tears. Every word of this song explains how I have been feeling lately about God. It is sung by the band FFH, who have quite a few powerfully moving songs. It is called You Found Me in case you want to look it up and listen to it. Here it is:

I've got nowhere to turn,
I've got nowhere to hide,
And I've got no alibi,

You've been following me,
You know my history,
And no matter how hard I try,

I can't explain away
The way I feel today
There's only one thing I can say:

You, You've found me.
You found me and You called me from the wilderness,
From my cave of emptiness,
Yeah, You, You've found me.
You found me in the places of my lonliness
You told me there was more than this,
You captured me with tenderness,
Yeah, You've found me.

There was so many days,
Trying to figure out ways,
To explain what I feel inside,

I tried to fill up my soul without loosing control,
This desire never did subside,

I'm ready to give in
I know I'll never win
The hide and seek that I've been in

In the pit of despair, I was all alone there.
I wasn't looking for You, but You found me anyway.
You put Your hand on my face, then you changed my ways.
Nothing can separate me from you

Some people really amaze me at how stupid and immature they can be. Today on my way to work I was driving on a 4 lane highway and as it was turning into a 2 lane our lanes were suppose to merge together. I was driving beside this minivan and realized that I couldn't get ahead of her in time for my lane to end. So I slowed down and as I started to merge behind her this chick in the car behind the minivan laid on her horn and started yelling out her window at me to get behind her. Well, by then my lane was gone so I slowed down and got behind her. Apparently this total tweaked her out. For the next 5 miles she proceeded to yell at me through her side mirror, call me all sorts of names and flipping me off like crazy. I couldn’t help but laugh because it was so ridiculously her fault. I think the laughing may have pissed her off more because as she came to her turn (still yelling and cussing) she waved me over to follow her. I laughed and as I proceeded to drive past her I heard her yell, no joke, “yeah, you scared”. It really was an amazing interaction. I am sitting there laughing in my car obviously not angry, did she really think I was going to follow her??

I walked into store at my work this morning and heard some noises coming from the garbage can. I went over to look and heard something run from one side to the other. I jumped back, but then once it calmed down I looked inside. This is what I saw. The picture is kinda dark and it was taken with my phone so it isn't the best quality but I think it is good enough for you to get the idea. This is probably the 3rd one i've seen in the garbage can since I have lived here but this is by far the largest one i've seen. I am still trying to figure out how they get into a 3 foot tall garbage can. If they fall into it I would expect them to get hurt or something. Anyway...he will just stay there until the guys in the store get here. They usually take the garbage can outside and fill it half full of water so the little guy drowns. I almost feel bad for it with an emphasis on the 'almost'.

Instead of drowning the rat it seems that he has been made our mascot. Glenn put him in a old round plastic jar with a lid and poked holes in the top for him to breathe. He layed it on its side this morning and he has been running around behind the counter like he is in a plastic bubble. However, that may sound happier then the drowning but I am told he does not plan to feed him so he should slowly starve to death. I'm not sure which one is worse. He is so cute when he is confined to a jar. I really do feel bad for him now.

Newest Update:
My friend, the rat, has been set free. We went and let him go in the back corner of the lot. Hopefully he ran away to live somewhere else so I don't come upon him in the future and get the crap scared out of me again.

You know how you can know that you are still tired when you wake up in the morning?

When you only put half of your makeup on and don't realize it until you are in the car and you look in the mirror....

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