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Yesterday didn't have much excitement. We left for the airport at 10:30am. Flew from Portland to Chicago then had to rush over to the international terminal to catch the plane to London. We made it and had our first day of sight seeing today. We arrived at our hostel at noon & since check in wasn't til 2:00 we walked around. We grabbed lunch and sat on a bench by a museum to eat it. After that we walked around the museum a bit then went back to check in. We saw Big Ben, House of Parliment and took a ride on the giant farris wheel called the Eye. It is basically a giant wheel that goes around slowly. You get some great views from up there. After that we walked around then bought some dinner at the grocery store and came home and ate it.

I am happy to announce yesterdays birth of Michelle and TJ's baby. A little girl named Chloe Nicole Arko. If I remember correctly she was 6 lbs 11 oz. 21" long. If that is wrong someone please correct me.

I am just glad that I know for sure that I will get to see her when I get back to Portland. It will be interesting for Jake and I now that we have 2 nieces named Chloe, one from Jake's sister and one from my sister.

Happy Birthday Chloe Nicole!!
Chloe Nicole cropped.JPG

So I have had some requests to update my blog and also to know dates of where we will be when on our trip so here goes:

August 22nd - August 28th Portland
August 28th - October 29th Europe
October 29th - December 21st Portland
December 21st - around January 7th (not decided yet) Maui
January - whenever Australia

So there you go. My blog has been updated and my plans have been stated. Now off to enjoy my second to last weekend on island.

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