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It was absolutely amazing to see that little heart fluttering so fast. I just can't wait until it looks more then like just a blog. I can't believe that it has finally happened!

I will be taking weekly pictures of my belly so people can see the progress.

The hardest thing for me to give up is:
Caffeine and chocolate

This month I told:
My mom, dad and sisters, Monica and Jake told his parents, his sister and Billy.

They reacted by:

This month at my prenatal visit I learned that:
I've so far only had my first ultrasound today and I got to see the little fluttery heartbeat!!

New pregnancy symptoms I had this month:
Breasts getting quite large. My stomach is tighter and expanded a little, and a lot of throwing up.

My hopes:
Are that around October 15th we will have a beautiful little baby to take home.

My fears:
That we won't know what we are doing.

I started thinking I might be pregnant when:
I missed my period.

I found out I was pregnant when I:
Took the home pregnancy test.

I felt:
happy and a little nervous too. It really felt surreal.

The first person I told was:

My husband.

They reacted by:
He was happy about it.

The first ultrasound was:
Today and it was awesome to see the heartbeat

At my first prenatal visit I learned that:
no prenatal visit yet

My baby will be born:
October 15th or somewhere around there.

The strangest symptom of pregnancy I had this month was:
No strange ones just all the typical ones.

My hopes:
Are that the pregnancy continues.

My fears:
Are that it is possible to lose it.


7 weeks pregnant - 109.8 pounds


6 weeks pregnant - 110.2 pounds


5 weeks pregnant - 109.6 pounds

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