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Wow, my ride to work today on the bus has got to be the all time worst bus ride I have ever had in my life. Due to my nausea on the bus I always try to get the front seat on the bus so I can watch the road. I got the seat this morning and was riding along until this old lady got on and asked if she could sit next to me. It was a two person seat so I moved my legs and let her in. She sat down and I moved my legs back to in front of me. Next thing I know she pushes me right off the edge of the seat with her hip. I barely caught myself with the help of a person standing close by. I just looked at her dumbfounded and said "excuse me I am pregnant and need to sit up front so I can watch the road or I will get sick." That was when she told me that her bag needed a seat. She then proceeded to cuss at me and call me names so I just sort of laughed in shock to myself and stood in the front of the bus as there were no more seats that faced the front. You would think that would be the end of it but...OH NO....

As the ride continued and the bus started to empty people were walking past her and if anybodies bag got anywhere near her she would hit it with her hand. After a while of that a teenage girl was getting off the bus and her bag must have gotten far to close for that old lady because she pushed her so hard she almost fell of the bus. That was when I had had enough. I looked down at her sitting in the seat she pushed me out of and said "you know lady you could be a little nicer. You already pushed a pregnant lady out of the only seat in the bus that doesn't make me sick to sit in." The bus driver got in on this one and told her not to touch the people passing her. The old lady was just screaming about how that girl hit her with her bag. The bus driver tried to tell her she didn't mean to (by the way her bag came about 6 inches from any part of the lady) but the old lady kept saying how it was on purpose and people need to keep there ..beeping.. bags out of her ..beeping.. face. All of us around her just were kind looking at each other thinking "what the heck is her problem." By that time I was sufficiently nauseous and quite upset. Let me tell you that is the last time I let that lady have the seat next to me!!

Ok, maybe not abs but my lower abdominal area is getting pretty hard. That means the baby is moving up and should soon be able to be felt by pushing on my belly. He/she is about 5 cm from head to butt right now. I felt pretty crappy again this morning but by evening it was doing better. Jake and I went for a walk this afternoon through Centennial Park and fed some parrots that were there. That was pretty cool! They walked right up and ate it out of my fingers. One landed on this other guys arm and ate the food he had and when the food was gone he proceeded to take bites out of the guys fingers. It must have bit pretty hard cause it drew blood. I kinda shied away from having one land on my arm after seeing that. Today turned out to be pretty good even with the rough beginning.

Well, today was pretty crappy. I have had a steady feeling of nausea all day and threw up this morning. Everything I eat makes me almost gag, which has made for not a lot of eating today. We were suppose to go Paddy's house for a BBQ but the thought of riding the bus for 1.5 hours each way didn't sound like a good idea feeling the way that I am. Only 4 more days till my second trimester starts and I am really hoping for better days ahead!

I just got off the phone with a vendor for the company that I work for and that guy was the 4th guy who over the phone told me that he loves my accent. It is so weird for me to have people tell me that because to me everyone here are the ones with accents. It just cracks me up that my accent is such a big deal here.

I have been constantly eating all day long and my stomach feels like I haven't eaten in hours. No wonder people gain so much weight when they are pregnant.

So as you can see Spicy Princess is back up and running and with a whole new look! YAY!! One of the problems I was having with my old one was spam comments. Jake checked it when he was updating my blog and since October I had, and this is no exaggeration, 27000 spam comments. So he erased them all and added a little something to the comment section. Now when you leave comments you will need to type the code that it says. This way it will be only real people making comments and not stupid spam programs. If you can't read the code you can just hit refresh on your browser and it will give you a new one hopefully a more readable one. Let me know what you think...


11 Weeks Pregnant - 111.4 pounds

I have had a hard time going back to work. I think it would be OK if I wasn't pregnant and sick all the time. I have a 1 hour commute on the bus and let me tell you....that ride is a killer when I am already feeling nauseated. Also I can't ever seem to get enough food. I have never in my life had to get up in the middle of the night to eat but the past few nights I have been waking up around 5am and can't fall back asleep until I eat something. It doesn't make for a very solid nights sleep, not to mention the multiple times I have to get up to go pee. I tried tucking the blanket under my belly to hold it up and that seems to have helped a bit. I need to go buy some more pillows soon. I am just hoping that the day won't come when I have to get off the bus early and throw up on the sidewalk. Anyway, that is about it for now. I'll update more as things happen.

My nausea has been slowly improving. I'm not throwing up anymore but I still don't feel good. I always seem to feel a little queasy throughout the day. None of my clothes fit anymore. If you look at my photo album you can see that my belly has most definitely expanded since my week 5 photo. My mom has mailed me a 30 pound box of my sisters and a couple of friends' old maternity clothes that they don't need anymore so I am really looking forward to that. I may not have to buy any maternity clothes at all. There will be clothes for throughout the entire pregnancy so I hope I will be all set.

I can't believe my first trimester is almost over. I've heard that the second is a lot better so I am really counting on that. I know all pregnancies are different but I really need that boost of energy you are supposed to get in the second trimester.

Not much else is happening. I have my first Obstetrician appointment on April 15th which is way to far away in my opinion. I will be 1 day short of 14 weeks at that point. Usually this appointment happens earlier then this but they were all booked up. So I have to wait. I have a check up with my GP on April 4th and I am pretty sure they will examine me to make sure everything is going well. I just won't have another ultrasound until the 15th. It is so weird to me to think that my baby looks like a baby now except for the huge head. But it's got fingers and toes and everything. It is pretty amazing!!!

Today I was sitting at home and thinking about my life the past year and was just amazed at how different it is now. So much has happened in the past year I can hardly believe it! First Jake and I moved away from Maui in August and spent 2 months traveling around Europe. Then we got to spend 2 months at home in Portland just relaxing and spending time with one another. Then 3 weeks on vacation back in Maui, then moved to Australia. If someone told me at this time last year that all that was going to happen with in a year I would have thought they were crazy. Now to top that off God has blessed me with a brand new life growing inside of me. I can still hardly believe that there is a little person inside me growing so quickly. I have wanted to have a baby for so long I can't even express how happy I am that I am finally pregnant. Jake and I have recently had our 10th wedding anniversary and nothing has made me happier then to know that we are going to have a baby. I can't wait to meet him/her!!


10 weeks pregnant - 110.8 pounds

I am happy to report that I got a job today and I start tomorrow. They know that I am pregnant so I can relax about that. Yay!!

You guys will be believe what I am able to eat. Somehow I manage to keep them down every time I eat them so I try to eat at much of it as possible. The items I am referring to are (believe it or not) Easy Mac and tator tots. I know that isn't the healthiest food for my baby but it is better then nothing which is what it would be getting if I didn't eat those things. I just can't wait until the morning sickness subsides and I can start to feed my baby better!


9 weeks pregnant - 110.2 pounds

I am starting to think those have been my problem when it came to my nausea. The day before yesterday I skipped taking it and I felt a little better and then last night I took half of one after I ate a big dinner and was going to bed. This morning was the first morning in about a month that I didn't feel like throwing up when I woke up. I just took my B6 and ginger tablet this morning and I have felt good all day. It has been nice having a break from feeling sick!!! I think tonight I will try to take a whole prenatal vitamin and see if it makes me sick during the night. From all the people I have talked to it seems none of them were able to keep down the vitamins either. My sister ended up taking gummy bear vitamins instead since she was able to keep them down. I just really hope I have figured out what I need to do to not be sick as I may be starting a new job soon and want to be able to work without feeling sick.

Since I only recently arrived in Australia from the US I have started looking for a job. Since I have had a miscarriage in the past I don't want to tell a potential employer until the chance of loosing the baby drops. I feel kinda bad about starting a job without them knowing but I don't want my being pregnant to affect the decision to hire me. I guess I just need to look out for myself and if the place that hires me is made about it then that is their problem right?

What I'm enjoying the most about my pregnancy so far is:
Knowing there is a baby growing inside me.

The strangest advice I've received is:
to take Unisom for morning sickness. The 3 people who told me swear by it. I just think it sounds weird.

Names that I've been thinking of:
I want to wait another month before I start thinking of names.

Girl or boy? I think you will be a:
I think girl but I have no reason to think it.

The old wives tales predict:
I have no idea

At my prenatal visit this month I found out that:
I won't have one this month

My hopes:
are that everything continues to go smoothly and that my morning sickness goes away soon.

My fears:
That there will be something wrong with the baby after birth.

I seems that the 25mg of B6 in the morning and a ginger tablet every couple of hours has worked wonders for me. I've been taking this for almost a week and have only thrown up 2-3 times as opposed to 3-4 times per day. I've also been told that Unison works great too. It will make you tired but I've had 3 people tell me that it worked for them.


8 weeks pregnant - 110.4 pounds

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