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16 Weeks Pregnant - 110.6 pounds

16 angle.JPG

Angled Belly Picture

16 sitting.JPG

You can really see my bump when I am sitting down!!!

I think that Sunday should officially be canceled and we should have 6 days per week from now on. I don't know what it is about Sunday but the last few weeks I have felt good all week but then on Sunday all hell breaks lose in my belly. Again this morning I woke up feeling alright, I got up and ate then took my morning nausea pills just like I do every morning. About 30 minutes later I started to feel sick. I've already thrown up once today and am really hoping that this day goes by very fast and I can get back to feeling good tomorrow.

All I have to say today is that unreasonable people really suck and I had to deal with far too many of them at work today. I am just glad the store is closed tomorrow and finally get to count the stock and actually know an answer when someone calls asking if we have a particular item in stock. It will be such a relief!!


15 Weeks Pregnant - 110 pounds

Well, today really blew!! It started out well this morning. I was actually feeling pretty good. I felt fine when I went to church. We were all standing up singing and I started to feel kind of light headed like I wasn't getting enough oxygen so I have to sit down. As the service continued my stomach didn't really feel nauseous but I started to feel like I might throw up anyway. Anyone who has been pregnant knows what I mean by that. I managed to make it through the service but left for the bathroom immediately afterwards. As I was heading in the door I had to pick up the pace a bit cause I knew it was coming and soon. I then proceeded to throw up my breakfast. I stayed in the bathroom long enough till I knew I was done then went back outside to find Jake. He was chatting with a few people that I had recently met and the pastor so I walked up and joined them. I met one lady and another guy that was standing in the group and Jake mouthed to me "you look green." I still wasn't feeling too good so I told them I needed to go home since I wasn't feeling so hot. A couple of them knew I am pregnant so I'm sure they understood.

I got home and decided that I needed to eat again since I deposited my breakfast in the church toilet. I have had my mom's homemade mac & cheese a few times since I have been pregnant so I figured that was pretty safe. So we made it for lunch and I had a nice big helping since I was so freaking hungry. All went well with that...at least for a little while. After about 2 hours I was feeling really quite nauseous again and had to get up quickly to head to the bathroom where I then deposited my lunch into the toilet.

I felt ok after that until about 2 hours later and had to make another run to the bathroom. That was the worst one since I didn't have much food left in me to throw up, mostly just stomach acid at this point. After the acid was gone it was pretty much just a lot of dry heaving. Which if you have ever done that you know how painful it is. By this time my throat felt like it had a hole in it. I happened to be talking to Tiffany on Skype when I made my third trip to the bathroom and she suggested that I get some Tums. So Jake and I headed down to the store to get some. They didn't have any Tums but I got some chewable cherry Mylanta tablets. I took some as soon as we left the store and after about 10 seconds my throat felt amazingly better. So thanks Tiff!!

When we got home I was again hungry due to all the throwing up and so I figured I'd try to go easy on my stomach and have some chicken broth for dinner. I am happy to say that is still in my stomach, at least for now. It is 7:55pm so we'll see how the rest of the night goes.

Tomorrow I hit the 15 week point and only 4 more weeks till we get to find out if we are having a boy or girl!! I can't wait for that. I really hope they are able to tell!

Ok this is getting really long so I am going to end it now. I will be posting my 15 week belly pic tomorrow so stay tuned.

I think from here on out every 2 weeks I'll take a pic of me with my head in it. So here is the one I just took.

14 weeks 3 days.JPG

Me at 14 weeks 3 Days!!


14 Weeks Pregnant - 109.6 pounds

Well, I had my first antenatal visit at the hospital today. It went very well. I answered about a zillion questions then I got up on the table for an exam. She put the little stethoscope on my belly and we listened. I heard beating but it was going too slow to be the babies heart. I was right...that was my heartbeat. Then all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a horse galloping very fast. That was the babies heartbeat!!! She let me just sit and listen to it for about 30 seconds. It was absolutely amazing! She then measured the distance from the top of my pubic bone to the top of my uterus and it measured 13cm which should be within 2cm on either direction of the amount of weeks that I am pregnant. Since I am 14 weeks she said that was great.

The other thing is my due date has changed to October 13th. The doctor thinks that the ultrasound technician added a day because of leap year instead of subtracting a day to my due date. So as of today I am 14 weeks 1 day along.

So the moral of this story is that everything is going well and things are looking to be right on track. YAY!!!

Everyone that knows I have been having morning sickness keep telling me that it should get better after the first trimester....uummmm....I'm at almost 14 weeks and I'm still waiting. I'm supposedly suppose to get a boost of energy and feel refreshed but that has not happened either. I have been having maybe 1-2 good days each week, 2-3 mildly nauseous days each week and 1-2 days spent in the bathroom not keeping any food down for at least a few times during the day each week. Let me tell you I can't wait for that day everyone is talking about when I wake up and feel really good and have this great boost of energy. Actually, right now I would be happy with not throwing up anymore. That would be really nice!!

Also our baby is almost 9cm and is growing hair on it's body now.

Well, my pregnancy is official noticable by strangers. A customer at work today asked me if I was eating for two...and no, I wasn't stuffing my face at the time. My reply was "actually yes, i take it is becoming obvious." He said "yeah you can tell." I am just glad that it is obvious that it is a baby and not just a fat roll.

So today Julie left a comment on my 13 week picture entry and I was sitting at my desk reading it. I actually got all teary eyed. Luckily no one else was there yet so I could regain my composure before anyone else arrived. It is funny the things that make me emotional lately.


13 Weeks Pregnant - 111.2 pounds

If you want to know what I did this weekend it can be summed up in one word...Sleep. Friday I had the day off and really didn't do a whole lot. I had a doctor appointment in the morning then went to the mall to get a big pillow then stopped by the Post to get a box my mom sent me full of maternity clothes. Then I just hung around the house the rest of the day and relaxed. Saturday Jake and I sat around and played WOW for the morning then slept from around 2pm till around 7pm. I started to not feel so good that night and when I woke up in the morning the feeling had remained. I ate a muesli (granola) bar and a little while later threw that up. I felt a little better so I decided to give going to church a try. I spent the whole time breathing deeply in an effort to not go throw up so halfway through the sermon we headed home. We stopped by Subway since we don't really have a lot of food at home and I ate that very slowly. It stayed down but it didn't make me feel better. I threw up 2 more times after that until I laid down to take another nap. I slept for about another 3 hours and it is 8pm right now and Jake just went to go pick up dinner. Lets just hope that stays down tonight!!!!

Here is a pic I took today with my head in it instead of just my belly so you can get better perspective of how my tummy has grown.

12 weeks 2 days shrunk.JPG
Me at 12 weeks 2 days!!

I just got my 7 week ultrasound scan back from my doctor and it looks like my baby is standing on its head... The dark spot on the middle of its head is its giant alien eye. Here it is...

baby 7 weeks shrunk.JPG

Also it seems that Australia is very stingy when it comes to giving pregnant women ultrasounds compared to the US. In the US I'm pretty sure you get one per month just to check up on the baby to make sure it is growing right. Here you get one at 7-8 weeks for dating and you don't get your next one until 19 weeks. The only way to get one any sooner is to get the baby tested for a higher chance of Downsydrome. Then you get an Ultrasound at 12-13 weeks but insurance doesn't pay for that so if I want that it would cost $250 out of my pocket. I figure as long as things seem to be progressing and my belly keeps growing we might as well save the $250. So my next ultrasound will be at 19 weeks which is May 20th and that is when we will find out if it is a girl or boy. Hopefully it is one of those options!! ;)

What I least expected with this pregnancy was:
to be showing so soon and I knew that I would probably have morning sickness but I wasn't really ready for how bad it was.

The best bit of advice I've received is:
I can't think of any advice that has been given to me at the moment.

What has changed the most in my life with this pregnancy is:
my eating habits...at least I am trying to eat good.

What made me realize that I was really pregnant was:
when my belly started to grow but it really hit me when I was able to push on my belly and feel it getting hard.

This month's ultrasound was:
No ultrasound this month. I won't have my next one till May 20th which will be when we will find out of we are having a girl or boy.

At my prenatal visit this month I discovered that:
My due date is actually October 13th and not the 15th.

My hopes:
are that my nausea will go away completely and I be able to start exercising more.

My fears:
are that there will be something wrong with the baby and I am a little nervous about the whole giving birth process too.

Well, our little red Jeep has officially moved on to the next proud owners and we are $5000 richer!! Let me rephrase that...we now have $5000 more to go toward our huge credit card bill from our Europe trip. I am going to miss my little Jeep. She was good to us. A big thanks go out to Jake's parents for putting up with having it on their front porch for so long and for selling it for us. We really appreciate all that you have done for us!

Good bye my Jeepie Jeep!!!

Today I was sitting at my desk at work and felt a nervous butterfly feeling in my stomach. I looked up online when I should start to feel the baby move and it said I should feel movement around week 15-24 but some women have reported feeling a butterflies in the stomach feeling as early as 11 1/2 weeks. So I don't know for sure that is what it was but it was a definite possibility. Hopefully it happens again soon!

Sheewww.... my baby doesn't look like an alien anymore. It's eyes are now in the front of the head as opposed to the side of the head. And the ears are now in the correct position. At least I hope so!! Baby is 5.5cm long now and has developed reflexes in its hands, feet and eyes. I'm feeling pretty good today just a bit nauseous right after getting off the bus but eating dinner quickly fixed that. I've not been having to get up at night to pee or eat lately so that is definitely a plus!! Maybe I'm starting to get to the better part of my pregnancy, at least I hope that I am.


12 Weeks Pregnant - 111.4 pounds

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