4th Month Reflections

What I least expected with this pregnancy was:
to be showing so soon and I knew that I would probably have morning sickness but I wasn't really ready for how bad it was.

The best bit of advice I've received is:
I can't think of any advice that has been given to me at the moment.

What has changed the most in my life with this pregnancy is:
my eating habits...at least I am trying to eat good.

What made me realize that I was really pregnant was:
when my belly started to grow but it really hit me when I was able to push on my belly and feel it getting hard.

This month's ultrasound was:
No ultrasound this month. I won't have my next one till May 20th which will be when we will find out of we are having a girl or boy.

At my prenatal visit this month I discovered that:
My due date is actually October 13th and not the 15th.

My hopes:
are that my nausea will go away completely and I be able to start exercising more.

My fears:
are that there will be something wrong with the baby and I am a little nervous about the whole giving birth process too.

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