7 week scan

I just got my 7 week ultrasound scan back from my doctor and it looks like my baby is standing on its head... The dark spot on the middle of its head is its giant alien eye. Here it is...

baby 7 weeks shrunk.JPG

Also it seems that Australia is very stingy when it comes to giving pregnant women ultrasounds compared to the US. In the US I'm pretty sure you get one per month just to check up on the baby to make sure it is growing right. Here you get one at 7-8 weeks for dating and you don't get your next one until 19 weeks. The only way to get one any sooner is to get the baby tested for a higher chance of Downsydrome. Then you get an Ultrasound at 12-13 weeks but insurance doesn't pay for that so if I want that it would cost $250 out of my pocket. I figure as long as things seem to be progressing and my belly keeps growing we might as well save the $250. So my next ultrasound will be at 19 weeks which is May 20th and that is when we will find out if it is a girl or boy. Hopefully it is one of those options!! ;)

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