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13 Weeks Pregnant - 111.2 pounds


So are you starting to feel a little better or are you still feeling crunk? It seemed like you had stopped throwing up there for a while but know your doing it again. I have to go and get a microphone for my computer so I can play wow and talk to you at the same time. And by the way I am nothing without you guys. Seriously, I am like dead in 12 seconds with out you guys backing me up. Hopefully I will get better soon. That means I have to buy at the end of my trial.

Yeah, I still have days when I am feeling queasy and some days when I am throwing up. But it is better then it was at the beginning when I was spending every day in the bathroom throwing up everything I ate. It was like that for about a month straight. So I am getting better but I haven't felt really good yet. I've noticed that I feel the worst is when I haven't eaten in a few hours or right after a bus ride. If I am hungry on the bus then it is awful.

Hey Kara! Just wanted to send a quick note to say you're so cute preggers!! I just pointed to my computer screen at work and said, "LOOK, MY LITTLE NIECE OR NEPHEW IS IN HER TUMMY." LOL!!

I'm so excited for a new little addition to the family. I hope you guys move back after Jake is done with school so I can always love on the little cute baby.

Love you guys!!!

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