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The other day I was really craving some mashed potatoes so I went to the store and bought some. I got home and basically just added some milk and butter. They were ok but not really satisfying my mashed potato craving. A few days later I thought I would try again but this time i would sautée up some cut up onion and add them to the mix. It made them better but was still unsatisfying. Last night I gave it another go. This time adding garlic, mushrooms, onions and cheese to the mix. OMG!!! I took my first bite and it was full of yummy-ness. Since I have discovered or more like created this awesome recipe I thought I would share it so all of you could taste to goodness. Here it is:

Cut up a few potatoes and boil them until they are mashable
Cut up 2 large cloves of garlic into small bits
Cut up 2 large mushrooms into small bits
Cut up 1 small onion into small bits
Sautée the garlic, mushrooms & onion together in oil until the onions are not crispy and it turns brown.
Grate as much cheese as you like
Drain the potatoes and mash them up
Add large spoonful of butter and milk until it reaches a consistency you like
Add sautéed items and cheese to potatoes and stir
Remember me when you realize how yummy it was.

If you are thinking those aren't very descriptive instructions you are correct. I didn't really know what I was doing when I made it so just do what looks good to you and it will be good.



20 Weeks Pregnant - 113.8 pounds

In case you are wondering why I didn't specify the sex of the baby in my last post it was because I wanted to wait until both our immediate families knew before we broadcast it to the world. Since that has happened now I am happy to tell all of you that we are having a girl!! At least that is what the ultrasound lady was leaning toward due to the lack of a visible penis. Although they can sometimes hide so there is still a chance the baby could come out a boy. For the time being I am going to go with the "it's a girl" announcement.

19 Week profile body.png

Adorable profile picture

19 Week profile face.png

Close up of face profile with baby's hand above face

19 Week foot.png

This foot is 2.9cm from heel to tips of toes. Way too cute!!

19 Week left fist.png

Just look at that tight little grip

19 Week nose&mouth.png

If you turn your head to the left you should be able to tell that is the baby's mouth and straight up the nostrils.

I got a lot of pictures, but to me these were the best ones. I was absolutely amazing to see our little baby and especially to see that cute little foot. It was just too incredible for words.

Well, tomorrow is the big day!! I really want to know whether it's a girl or boy so everybody pray that the baby will be in the mood to show us his or her private parts. I am taking the day off work so when I get home from my appointment you can bet that I will be making the announcement via my blog after I call family of course and give them the news over the phone. So far from everybody I have asked most people are of the opinion that we are having a girl with the exception of Tiffany who is 100% convinced it's a boy. With any luck we will know soon who is right...Tiffany or everybody else.

I am just so excited that we get to see the baby again tomorrow. Even if they can't tell what it is at least we get to see it again and this time it will look more like a little person. I can't wait!!!


19 Weeks Pregnant - 112.8 pounds

18 weeks 3 days.JPG

Oh man am I glad to get home today!! I got on the bus and this big guy sat next to me and was squishing me the whole ride. And to make it worse he smelled like McDonalds and BO. As you can imagine my stomach did not handle that ride very well.

Ever since I started feeling kicks last week the baby seems to be a little acrobat. I can't keep my hands off my belly. I just love feeling those little kicks!! The baby seems to be very still in the morning (probably sleeping in), but at night is moving and kicking like he/she is trying to get out. I'm sure the movement will get uncomfortable the bigger I get but I absolutely love it right now!


18 Weeks Pregnant - 111.6 pounds

Well, it is Sunday night and Jake and I just got back from the Blue Mountains. We left Saturday morning and drove out to Featherdale Wildlife Park where we got to be up close with the animals. We got to pet koala bears and kangaroos. It was pretty cool. Saturday was the more relaxing day of our weekend. Sunday nearly killed me. In all of my stair climbing in Europe today beats any of those days. Today we either climbed up or down a total of 2200 stairs. We climbed down the first 900 which you would think would be easier then going up. Believe me when I say that it is not. By the time we got to the bottom my legs where so shaky I could barely stand. We then hiked about 4 kilometers which is roughly 2.5 miles across the valley floor to the Scenic Railway where we rode the cable car back up to the top. We then rode the Skyway across the mountain to where we could hike along the cliffs back to where we started. By this time I was completely exhausted.

We then headed over to Jenolan Caves where we got to tour a pretty spectacular cave called Lucas Cave which had another 900 stairs in it. After that we did a self guided tour of Nettle Cave. It wasn't as impressive as Lucas Cave but at least we got to climb another 400 stairs. My legs are officially dead and I am about to fall asleep even though it is only 10:30.

Also towards the end of all the hiking the baby was kicking me like crazy. I'm not sure if it was because he/she liked it or hated it. At least I got some exercise over the weekend.

Pictures of our trip have been posted here.

In the box of maternity clothes that my mom sent to me there was a pair of tan button up pants. I tried them on about a week ago but they were still too big for me so I put them away for a little later. A couple of days ago I thought I'd try them on again thinking they would still be too big. Much to my surprise they would not button. I guess I am growing faster then I thought. I need to try the clothes on more often so I don't miss the small window of opportunity for another item of clothing.

I knew I worked a lot of hours last week but today I was curious as to exactly how many so I added them up when I got to work. I couldn't believe how many it came to. I have never ever worked so many hours in one week. That would have exhausted me when I wasn't pregnant. I knew by the end of the week that my body wasn't taking it well and when I added it up and realized it came to just over 60 hours I decided to tell my boss I couldn't do that again. Luckily he was fine with it so it is now just a matter of teaching him to do invoices in Quickbooks before Saturday. The main good thing that has come out of me working so many hours is that the extra time I have worked is time that I get to take off in the future. I have got 24 hours of time built up from all my extra hours so once Jake is on school holiday we are going to take a 4 day weekend and take a trip someplace. We don't know where yet but it should be fun no matter where we go. I am thinking up north somewhere is where the warmer weather will be so my vote is for north. I will be taking the 3rd day off on the 20th when I have my doctors appointments. After last week I am in much need of a long relaxing time.

The first time I felt you kick:
There was a few flutterings a couple weeks ago but I'm not sure if those were kicks. Today I was feeling like my insides were twisting. I can only imagine that was the baby.

It felt like:
my stomach doing somersaults.

I felt:
very happy to finally feel movement.

The strangest food craving I've had is:
no strange food cravings

This month's prenatal visit taught me that:
We are having a girl!

My hopes:
Are that we have a healthy baby come October.

My fears:
That I will have morning sickness thoughout the entire pregnancy.... :(

Well, I am pretty sure I felt movement today!! I was just sitting still but my insides felt like they were tumbling all around. I can only imagine it was the baby because I have never felt that inside me before. I can tell when the baby is pushed up against the front of my belly too. It feels hard and there is a lot of pressure just below my belly button then after a while it goes away. One time I felt a grabbing feeling from the inside. That was a weird one. I am just happy to finally feel something in there. It definitely makes it feel more real to me. I hope I feel the baby move everyday. I am also looking forward to when Jake is able to feel kicks. That will be pretty cool!


17 Weeks Pregnant - 110.6 pounds

16 weeks 4 days.JPG

It is starting to look like a real pregnancy and not just a food baby.

Things have been crazy at work lately!! Ever since last Friday when we did the inventory count I have been working like crazy to get everything in Quickbooks. Last Monday and Wednesday I worked 12 hour days to try to get it all done. Saturday is the day of truth. Since I am the only one so far that knows how to invoice people through the computer I will be going to work to basically be the cashier and to show my boss how to do it so he can do it on Sunday. I am going to go ahead and assume I will be sick on Sunday since that seems to be the trend for the past month so I won't be going in that day. Hopefully things go smoothly and I won't have a huge mess to clean up on Monday. At least if it is a mess it will only be 1 day worth of mess instead of 2 days.

As for my pregnancy I am still feeling sick for about 30-60 minutes after my bus ride to work and home. I really hate that trip. On the upside my belly is really starting to pop out. I read that in the next 3 weeks the baby will go from 4.5 inches to 8.5 inches. To me that seems like quite a growth spurt. Only 2 weeks and 4 days till my ultrasound and we get to learn the sex. Have I mentioned how excited I am for that day?? :)

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