19 Week Ultrasound Pics

19 Week profile body.png

Adorable profile picture

19 Week profile face.png

Close up of face profile with baby's hand above face

19 Week foot.png

This foot is 2.9cm from heel to tips of toes. Way too cute!!

19 Week left fist.png

Just look at that tight little grip

19 Week nose&mouth.png

If you turn your head to the left you should be able to tell that is the baby's mouth and straight up the nostrils.

I got a lot of pictures, but to me these were the best ones. I was absolutely amazing to see our little baby and especially to see that cute little foot. It was just too incredible for words.


Girls are awesome! Congratulations! Very cute pics. Hope all is well.
Take care,

Congrats!!! These ultrasound pictures are incredible! Hope everything is going well with you! :)

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