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25 Weeks Pregnant - 118.6 pounds


Well, I am beginning to feel a lot more pregnant then I have before. I have started waddling and my back is always sore. I have been really trying to sleep on my side but many times during the night I will wake up on my back and my tailbone area is numb. I have tried propping a pillow up behind me to stop me from rolling over onto my back but it just gets in the way when I roll to the other side, which I have to do many times during the night otherwise my hips hurt.

I am very much enjoying feeling the baby kicking. There is a lot of rolling around going on in there especially in the evenings. She has been pretty calm in the mornings until the last few days. I swear this child never sleeps. It seems like she is always moving around. The weirdest thing is when I can see a bump roll over my belly. The kicks have been getting stronger too. There have been a few that have surprised me at how strong they were.

I had my checkup yesterday and everything is going well. The heartbeat was found instantly and is very strong. There is a particular measurement that they take which is from the top of my pubic bone to the top of my uterus. It should correspond in centimeters with the number of weeks that I am pregnant. So since I am 24 weeks pregnant that measurement should be 24 centimeters. It was 22 but he said that is fine since I am so small. Usually there is a lot more fat on the women when they do the measurements so mine will probably always run small. In 2 weeks I go in for a gestational diabetes test. Hopefully all goes well with that. I will keep all of you updated.

My boss has started looking for a replacement for me and seems to be having a hard time finding someone qualified. There is a girl coming in tomorrow whom he has already interviewed and I will be showing her around and she will get a chance to show her stuff on the computer. Hopefully she works out and I won't have to worry about him not finding someone in time for me to leave. I still have 3 months at the most so I think there is still plenty of time even if this girl doesn't work out.

Not much else is going on. Just trying to relax and grow a baby.

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24 Weeks Pregnant - 116 pounds



23 Weeks Pregnant - 114 pounds


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Buying maternity clothes was:
Easy. My mom mailed me all my sisters and two friends old maternity clothes so I haven't had to buy much.

The biggest change in my body has been:
My protruding belly.

My favorite change in my body has been:
Most definitely my protruding belly!!

What I never thought would change was:
So far nothing has changed in my body that wasn't expected.

At this month's prenatal visit I learned that:
Hopefully I will learn that everything is going well.

My hopes:
Are that we have a healthy baby.

My fears:
Are that we will be completely clueless as to what to do once the baby comes.


22 Weeks Pregnant - 115.8 pounds


I'm finally starting to put on the pounds. I've gained 1 pound every week for the past 5 weeks.

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21 Weeks Pregnant - 114.4 pounds

Yesterday morning I noticed my left side was starting to hurt. It kind of felt like gas pains or constipation but nothing was making it better. Didn't hurt much when I was sitting or lying down but as the day progressed when I would stand up I couldn't bring myself to the full upright position without having excruciating pain in my side. It felt like someone was stabbing me. Midway through the day I was seriously considering going to the ER. At the end of the day I was sitting in bed and stood up to go finish washing the dishes and as I stood up I doubled back over and had to lie back down. It was 11pm by this time and it felt better when I was lying down so I just went to bed and decided that if it still hurt badly in the morning I would go the ER.

This morning when I got up it only hurt a little bit but after I went pee it hurt more. Jake in the mean time looked up my pain on the internet and found out about Round Ligament Syndrome. It perfectly described every one of my symptoms and reassured me that it is normal during pregnancy. What scares me is that the forums we were looking at had people saying that once it started it went for weeks or even months for some. I don't know what I will do if it is going to be this bad for the rest of my pregnancy. Basically it said all you can do for it is use a heating pad and take some Tylenol. Also what is crazy is that none of my baby books mention it and the doctor never told me that this could happen. The forums were full of woman who thought they were having a miscarriage because no one told about it. So all you pregnant woman out there if you are having pain in your sides that hurts more then you have ever felt check out this webpage and hopefully your fears will be relieved.

Round Ligament Syndrome

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