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29 Weeks Pregnant - 122.6 pounds


Keep your eye on the right side of the video. I get a pretty good kick.

It looks as though we will be moving this weekend...

So here is the situation... It seems our landlord has not been paying his mortgage on our apartment. And last Monday a sheriff came to our door to notify him that the apartment is going to be repossessed by the bank in 9 days. The bank didn't know that renters lived there so we thought that they might be nice and give us a little longer to find a place to move into. Unfortunately there was no sympathy from them so we have to be out of our place by this Wednesday. Since I work during the week and Jake starts classes on Monday we will have to be out by Sunday. Jake has been looking at places the past few days but everything seems to be pretty crappy. He saw one today that was decent so he turned in an application. The only thing is that just because we turned in an application doesn't mean we will get it. They will take a bunch of applications then pick the best one.

Our pastor has graciously offered to let us stay with him and his wife for a bit in case we don't find anything before our deadline. So at least we won't be out on the streets.

But if you remember how long it took to get internet up when we first moved into this place I am guessing it will be the same again. So after this weekend I will only be available on MSN messenger while I am at work. I won't be able to chat much but in case there are any emergencies we can be reached.

I will continue to take pics of my belly while we don't have internet and I will get them posted as quickly as I can but my blog might be pretty dead for a few weeks. I promise I will be back though.

28 weeks 3 days.JPG

Here is a pic of me after hiking up a mountain...even at 7 months pregnant!!

28 weeks.JPG


28 Weeks Pregnant - 123.6 pounds


I've started thinking about the nursery:
I have started to think about it even though we won't be able to set one up for a while.

I've been dreaming about you:
I have had a few dreams about the birth but that is about it.

I used to love food! Now I avoid:
I haven't really avoided any food that I liked before I was pregnant.

I never thought pregnancy would make me:
So unbelievably tired every day.

I can't wait to:
Hold you!!

My prenatal visit this month taught me:
That my iron is slightly low. It's not a big deal though. I just need to eat more iron rich foods.

My hopes:
Are that the birth goes very smoothly.

My fears:
Are that I won't be able to walk by the end of my pregnancy.


27 Weeks Pregnant - 121.6 pounds


26 weeks 2 days.JPG

It seems that we have a camera shy baby. This video took about 30 minutes of sitting with the camera ready to get it. Every time the camera wasn't ready she was moving around like crazy but once I was ready to record she wouldn't move at all. I'm surprised at how much movement you can actually see in the video.


26 Weeks Pregnant - 119.6 pounds


I have officially hit the 10 pounds gained mark.

I need some advice from all of you moms out there who read my blog. Most of you know we are heading home soon after the baby is born so we don't want to buy a bunch of stuff and then have to ship it all home. So I would like to know what are some things that we absolutely need to have as soon as we bring the baby home. Preferably things that are easily sent home. What do you think?

Of course not a pic of our actual baby but this is what she looks like at this stage in the pregnancy. If you click on the link it takes you to the webpage that I have been looking at every week to see the progress of what has happened and what I should expect for that week.

Well, my replacement at work has been hired. She starts a week from Monday. I can't wait until she is somewhat trained because then I won't feel so bad about calling in sick when I need to. Working full time is really getting to me. I am so worn out when I get home that I am falling asleep around 8pm which means I only get to spent 1.5 hours with Jake at night before I can't keep myself awake any longer. That totally sucks! I can't tell you how glad I am that tomorrow is Friday! I also have next Tuesday off so I can go get a diabetes test done. I really look forward to my doc appts just because I know I will get the day off to relax. I am really surprised at how much being pregnant takes out of you during the day. I have always been one to fall asleep fairly early but 8pm is crazy early.

On the up side, the baby is still kickin' away! She seems to like it when Jake talks to her. She will be still but when he starts talking she starts to kick. When he pushes on my belly she pushes back. It is so cute!!

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