It seems that we have a camera shy baby. This video took about 30 minutes of sitting with the camera ready to get it. Every time the camera wasn't ready she was moving around like crazy but once I was ready to record she wouldn't move at all. I'm surprised at how much movement you can actually see in the video.


Hi Kara!

How cool you got her moving on video!! Isn't it crazy to sit and watch your stomach move like that?! :)

It definitely HAS gone really fast for me too! I can't believe there's only about 3 months left! We don't have any's so hard. We really need to get serious about it! The poor child is going to be born and not have a name!

I saw that you hit the 10-pound mark...I'm on 20!! YIKES!!! I'm afraid to see the end total! :(

I hope things continue to go well for you!!!

Anne :)

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