31 weeks already???

Well I can't believe I am already 31 weeks. I read that by week 34 the baby could be born healthy with no help from the ICU. Scary! I can't believe it is only 9 more weeks till my due date!! I was told today that my iron level is still low. I started taking iron pills along with my prenatal vitamins so hopefully that will improve. The doctor said that after taking the iron for a few weeks I should see a noticeable change in my energy level since a lack of iron makes you feel extra worn down, tired, light headed, and fainty. I just assumed I felt that way because I haven't been sleeping that great at night. So maybe in the next week or two I could be feeling a lot better...fingers crossed!!

Next week I start working part time. My schedule will be to work Mon, Wed & Fri. We'll see how that works.

That is about it.

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Looking good!

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