8th Month Reflections

My pregnancy classes are:
Not starting until mid September

In the classes, I've learned how to:
do nothing yet

What I've bought for you so far:
is a bed, tote bag, and some pacifiers

What other people have bought for you:
Grandma sent some clothes for you.

The strangest food craving I've had during this pregnancy is:
not really any weird ones.

The strangest piece of advice I've gotten since this pregnancy started is:
I've gotten a lot of good advice but nothing really strange.

At my prenatal visit, I learned:
That I am low on iron which can cause anemia. So I am taking iron pills to fix that.

My hopes:
Are that you are born healthy and on time.

My fears:
Birth is going to hurt like crazy!!


I am soooooo excited for you and you look so beautiful!

indeed she does

Coming from having both, the epideral and natural childbirth, you want the epideral. I went through 3 hours of pure hell with Kylee to "man, whoever's vagina that is, looks like it hurts!" (I was watching in a mirror) with Olivia.

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