Baby's Escape Attempt

The last couple videos I posted showed a few little kicks but when you watch this you will see that she is doing more then just kicking. This is pretty much what she does all day and all night with few breaks in between. I am pretty sure that if you could see my ribs from the inside they would be quite bruised from all the jabs!


I remember with Kylee, whenever I would lay up against Ryan, would kick him the whole time. I think you should consider putting your child on some adhd meds. She looks like she is going to be a hyperactive kid, nip it in the bud!

Wow! That is one active baby!

Ohmigosh, that's so cool that you got her movements on video! I've tried several times, but I swear she knows when I have the camera out...she stops everytime I try to record anything!

That looks familiar. I never thought to try to video tape it. It was so sporadic. Well, as it gets more cramped in there, the baby will probably be moving around a lot less. Enjoy the crazy alien feeling while it lasts.

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