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Ok, I know babies that are 1.5 weeks old don't actually smile but "COME ON"...If that isn't a smile I don't know what is!

Jessica 1 week 3 days old.JPG

Things have been going a lot better then I expected since we got home. With the exception of that first night when she wouldn't stop crying all night long things have been going smoothly. She doesn't really cry all that often but she eats like there is no tomorrow. I can't believe how much breastfeeding exhausts me. By the end of a feed she and I both have trouble staying awake. Although it took her 9 days to start pooping let me tell you...she is making up for it. There is poop almost every time we change her.

I know I am biased but Jessica really is the cutest baby I have ever seen!! I could just stare at her all day long!

I would officially like to welcome into the world Jake and my beautiful baby girl. As you know from my most recent post I went into the hospital a little over a week ago with back pain and throwing up. Here is the continuation of that excursion:

Monday night I slept very uncomfortably. Tuesday there were hardly any contractions at all. Then Tuesday evening at 6pm I got up to go to the bathroom and as I sat down my water broke. I immediately called the hospital and told them what had happened and they said I should come in right away. So Jake and I grabbed the packed bag grabbing a few more things that we hadn't packed yet and called a cab. When we got in the cab and told the cabbie where we wanted to go he asked if we were visiting someone who just had a baby. I kinda laughed and said "Actually I am going in to have a baby myself."

When we got to the hospital we checked in and got all hooked up to the machines to monitor the baby. At around 7pm the contractions started. These ones were a bit more painful then the ones a few days before and since my water had broken I knew that the baby coming was inevitable. At this point is where timing goes fuzzy for me. Once the contractions got more painful they checked me and said that I was 3cm dialated and the baby was in position for birth. This is the point when I told them that I was more then ready for the epidural. They hesitated since it could still be many more hours before I was to give birth but I made them give it to me anyway. They told me that due to my scoliosis it might not work. I didn't really care I was still going to get it. Not much later after they gave me the epidural I told them I was ready to push. I'm not sure if they examined me again to check how dialated I was but they told me that I should get ready, so I must have been fully dialated. And so the pushing began. It felt like it was taking forever but they kept saying I was getting there and to keep pushing. 1 ½ hours later there is was. The most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Oh, by the way... the epidural didn't work. I was able to get up and walk around pretty shortly after the birth. Only the fronts of my thighs were slightly numb. I've got to say it was by far the most painful yet incredibly wonderful experience of my life. Here are her stats:

Jessica Danielle Foster
Born: September 17, 2008 at 3:59am
Weight: 2625 grams (5 lb 12 oz)
Length: 47 cm (18.5 inches)


Here is a link to all the pictures of Jessica we have taken so far.

We had quite the weekend!! Saturday night my back started to hurt pretty badly and then during the night I had to get up 4 times to vomit which I haven't done for a while. By morning the contractions that I have been having for about a week started to hurt so I called the hospital and they told me to come in. They gave me pain medicine for my back and anti-nausea medicine for my nausea. They had to do a pelvic exam which usually is only slightly uncomfortable. Not this time. It hurt so bad they had to give me gas to breathe just to get through it. The pain medicine really made me feel drugged up. I was pretty out of it most of Sunday. When I arrived Sunday morning I was not dilated but by the afternoon they said I was 1 cm dilated. They had me stay the night Sunday night just to keep an eye on me and the baby. I continued to have contractions which were only slightly painful when I was awake. I had some when I was asleep but I just slept through them so they must not have been too bad. Jake went home for the night to do some homework that was due soon just in case things progressed and he would not have time to do it. He came back this morning before class and spent another hour with me until he had to go to school. I then proceeded to sleep the day away. The contractions got better throughout the day so after they fed me dinner I decided to head home. I guess I picked a good day to be my last day of work since I wouldn't have been able to go in today. Now I just have to take it easy and drink a lot of water.

me at 36 weeks hospital visit.JPG

Oh, we did decide on a name for a girl. She will be Jessica Danielle Foster. If she ends up being a he we are screwed though because we can't agree on any boy names. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Only 4 more weeks to go (hopefully).


36 Weeks Pregnant - 131.6 pounds


Yesterday was my last day of work and it was really pretty surreal. There wasn't much I could do being almost 36 weeks pregnant and having BH contractions all day long. It is weird to me to think i don't have to go back to work on Monday. I'm just hoping that not working won't make the days go by really slow. Our birthing class is tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. it will be nice to know what to expect when it comes to giving birth. I packed the hospital bag today just in case the baby comes early which I really hope happens because my stomach muscles are so sore from the contractions I don't want to have them for the next 4 weeks straight.

I need suggestions....what the heck am I going to do for the next month to make the time go by faster. I plan to try to get outside and walk around as much as my body will let me but I'm afraid I will be horribly bored for the next month. I know a lot of you have had kids so what did you do for that last month before the baby came?

Girl or boy? Now that I've gotten to know you, I think you will be a:
Girl! But I cheated. The nurse doing the ultrasound said she didn't see any dangly bits so you are most likely a girl.

My favorite names for you are:
We are leaning toward the name Jessica. Although we don't have a middle name for you yet.

The strangest name someone suggested is:
Barrel....suggested by my boss although I am almost sure he was joking....I hope!!

The most useful advice I've received is:
You know...I'm not really sure.

I can't wait for your birth because:
I can't wait to meet you face to face. And once you are born you will stop kicking me in the ribs anymore.

At this month's prenatal visit, I learned that:
I am measuring larger then I should be for the amount of weeks along I am so maybe you will come early.

My hopes:
Are that you are born completely healthy and that there are no complications.

My fears:
Are that something could go wrong during the birth that puts your and my life in jeopardy.

So I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions since Tuesday morning. They didn't really hurt at first but after 3 full days and nights of this my stomach muscles have had quite a workout. If this continues for another 4 weeks I will have the buffest pregnant stomach ever when it comes time to give birth. I feel like I have been doing sit-ups nonstop for 3 days. Tomorrow is supposed to be my last day of work which I am really glad about although I am going to miss everybody there. I am still trying to decide if I am going to go in at all. I at least want to go in to say goodbye to everyone and maybe try to work for at least a couple hours. I guess I'll just wait and see how I am feeling in the morning. I have been getting the contractions about 4-5 per hour and sometimes more. There is no pattern to them time wise so I am pretty sure they aren't the real thing. I just hope this baby comes early and I don't have to be sore from the contractions and from the swift kicks in the ribs that I am given every so often. My doctor said I am measuring slightly larger then I should be so maybe that means she could come early!!! I can only hope!


35 Weeks Pregnant - 127.8 pounds


34 weeks 3 days .JPG

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