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Well, Jessica had her first blowout yesterday. All you parents out there know exactly what that means. She had poo all up her back and all over her PJ's. At least it doesn't stink yet!! Once she starts to eat food besides breastmilk it will be a whole other story. We gave her a bath and was as good as new when we were finished. I love the smell of freshly cleaned baby!!

She is going really good. She is putting on weight every week and there is only a little yellowness left to her. She is up to 6 pounds 10.5 ounces as of last Friday. We will get her weighed again when I go to my new mom's group tomorrow.

We have posted all the pics we have taken of her through yesterday here.

Drying her off after a bath.

Gotta dry off under that chin.

Jessica's first of many beach outtings!!

Happy day you were due to be birthed day Jessica!!



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