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Jake had 3 finals during the past week so you can imagine he was quite busy studying so the baby duty was almost all mine. He helped when he could but he was mostly focused on school. This being the case I have been a bit stressed out. Jessica has been crying a whole heck of a lot and I hate it when there is nothing I can do about it. Night times have gotten better though. Her sleeping schedule is 7pm until 3am which sucks while we are here but once we get back home with the time change if we keep her on the same schedule she will be sleeping from 12am until 8am which would be perfect. Of course she still wakes up for feeds during that time so she isn't sleeping that long straight through although that would be fabulous if she did. Even though the past week has been very stressful what makes it worth it was when I got to see this:


Tomorrow we have to be out of our apartment and we have only just begun to pack. Also Monday we are leaving for our 2 week trip around Australia. There's nothing like waiting until the last day to pack. When you are professional packers like us we don't need more then one day. ;) After Sunday we will no longer have internet access so there won't be any more posts until we are back home in Oregon.

OK this was too cool I had to share it. It's Albert Einstein right.....
Now look away from it and walk back about 10 feet from the monitor and look again. What do you see now?


We leave a week from today on our whirlwind holiday around Australia. Not to mention having to be out of our apartment this Sunday. We have a lot to do in the next week.

Here are some cute pics...




More pics have been posted to our photos page too!!

We have been having a little problem with Jessica. The only place that was good enough for her to relax was in either my or Jake's arms which meant that one of us always has to hold her. As you can imagine that would make dinner time interesting. Today I went out and bought a bouncer and amazingly enough she sleeps in it. It is so nice to give my arms a break from always holding her. If all goes well with her in it we may just have her sleep in it at night and we will get our bed back!! I was hesitant to spend $60 on something that we are only going to use for 4 weeks and then sell but now I say it is the best $60 I've spent in a lot time.


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