Best $60 spent

We have been having a little problem with Jessica. The only place that was good enough for her to relax was in either my or Jake's arms which meant that one of us always has to hold her. As you can imagine that would make dinner time interesting. Today I went out and bought a bouncer and amazingly enough she sleeps in it. It is so nice to give my arms a break from always holding her. If all goes well with her in it we may just have her sleep in it at night and we will get our bed back!! I was hesitant to spend $60 on something that we are only going to use for 4 weeks and then sell but now I say it is the best $60 I've spent in a lot time.



That is WONDERFUL news!

That's hilarious, $60 is nothing when it comes to babies. Get used to it and get prepared to start spending a lot more! Everything is expensive unless you have a bunch of people who give you all their used stuff, then you can get some nice stuff for free.

can't you bring it back with you?

Doesn't it break down so that it would fit into a suitcase? It looks like a nice one and you will be lost without it in Hawaii for that 2 weeks, and I know you will use it when you get back.

Yeah, I think we are going to bring it back with us. She really seems to like it and a lot less grunting at night when she sleeps in it. I think she must have a lot of acid reflux that makes her upset when she lays down on her back. AND I get a lot more sleep at night without her in our bed. I do miss cuddling to her at night though.

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