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Jessica already has attitude. This is her saying "Don't mess with me!!"

While we were in Maui I had been giving Jessica a lot of tummy time so she could build her muscles. I laid her down on her tummy on the bed and she proceeded to push herself up. She then suddenly she flipped over onto her back. I think it surprised her just as much as it did me. Since then she has done it 4 more times. I am so proud of my little baby!!

We have had a very eventful month. Our Australia trip went really well. Jessica did great on the flights (slept through all of them). She didn't really like the 106 degree weather that we had in the Outback though. Pics will be posted soon. Hawaii was nice and relaxing. We only went to the beach once though because we were to busy visiting everybody. We had heard there was going to be snow in Portland when we returned, which there was. However, we were not prepared for the amount of snow that came during our first week of being back. I'm told it is the most snow Portland has seen at once in 40 years. There is about 1-2 feet of snow. Our cars were completely buried.

Also Jake, Jessica and I are all fighting colds right now. I think it has hit me the worst though. Jake has a sore throat, Jessica has a runny nose and coughs and I have a sore throat, stuffed up nose and a fever. Now Billy and Mandy have sore throats.

I had planned to do my Christmas shopping when I got back but since we are snowed in I don't know when I am going to do it. Luckily both our families are out of town so our Christmases will be late this year.

Here are some current pics of Jessica:

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