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We had Jessica's picture professionally taken the other day. Here it is.


We took Jessica to see her first doctor the other day. She saw a doctor when she was born but after that she has only seen midwives. She did great!! My how she has grown! When she was born she was 18.5 inches long and 5lbs 12oz. As of last Thursday she was 24 inches long and 11lbs 9oz. I can't believe she has grown 5.5 inches and doubled her birth weight. From the looks of her all that weight went straight to her cheeks and thighs. She doesn't have that newborn look anymore. She is now a little chunkpot. Of course she is still as cute as can be. Here is a little video my mom took of her a few days ago. Don't mind my voice...I had a horrible cold and had lost my voice.

It looks like the days of sleeping in her bouncer are coming to an end. We went crib shopping and my goodness they are expensive. The cheapest one we found was $160 and that didn't include the mattress or bedding. Not wanting to spend that much we decided to check craigslist and found one used that was selling for $125 and that included everything. She even gave me an extra set of sheets and a few hoodie towels. Jessica has slept in it 2 nights now and she definitely sleeps better then she used to in the bassinette months ago but she does wake up more often then she does in the bouncer. I am hoping it will get better with time and she will get used to it.

I had Jessica's picture taken professionally a couple of days ago. That sure was a challenge. When we got there I took her out of the stroller and she immediately started to cry. So I fed her which seemed to appease her for a little while. We managed to get 2 shots of her lying on her belly looking up. It sure didn't last long though. It made it easy for me to pick the one I want since I didn't have lots to choose from. Luckily one of them turned out pretty good so on the 22nd I get to go pick the pics up.

Jessica in her pretty little Baby Elmo sundress.

We have been trying our hardest to keep her out of the sun but we wanted to get a picture of her in front of Ayers Rock so we quickly held her up and snapped the pic.

I don't think her smile could be any bigger if she tried.

Mommy and Jessica at her first Christmas at my mom's house.

She looks like she is about to topple over.

I think she is happy to see her mommy!!!

Mommy with a very happy baby.

Our happy family!!

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