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It is funny how I can sleep through big trucks starting their engines and loud lawn mowers right outside my window but when Jessica makes quiet little sounds from her room I am wide awake with a start. I guess that is all a part of being a mama.

Yesterday morning when I woke up my middle finger was a little red and really itchy. Throughout the day it got worse. It turned into a red bump with a white spot in the middle. We looked online last night but we couldn't find any bites that looked like mine. If you click on the pic you can see it better. Let me know if you have ever seen anything like it before.


jessica cropped.JPG

I've got to say it has been quite an adjustment having Jake go to work during the day. I got used to having him around helping with Jessica. It is a lot harder being on my own all day. When she starts to cry and nothing I do helps Jake isn't there to take her and make her happy. I just hold her and comfort her and wait for her to stop crying. I think she is in the midst of hardcore teething. She has been frantically biting everything and the past week she has had a rash on her chin. Poor little baby doesn't know why her mouth hurts so badly.

The last few days I have been giving her apple juice in a sippy cup. She is doing really well with it. I think she would be happier if I would just hold it for her though. It is so cute to see her with a hand around each handle and her drinking from it like a big girl. My little baby is growing up!!

We just had her pictures taken professionally. Unfortunately we don't get them back until April 30th. It was hard to decide which pose to get. Last time we only got 2 shots before she started crying. This time we got about 10 and they were all super cute! I will scan and post the picture when we got them.

I have been worried lately that I am over feeding her. I would like to know what everyone who has had kids thinks of it. Whenever I feed her baby food I mix in rice cereal to thicken it up. It makes it so she doesn't throw it up afterwards. Here is her daily eating schedule.

6am - 1 extremely full breast
sleeps for 2 or so more hours
8am - 1 more extremely full breast
10am - 3.5 ounces of baby food then breastfeed
nap for about 2 hours average
12pm - breast feed
3pm - 7 ounces of baby food then breastfeed
nap for about 1 hour average
6pm - breastfeed
8pm - 7 ounces of baby food then breastfeed
she then goes to bed for the night

So all of you mothers out there is that too much food for a 7 month old? When it comes to feeding her baby food I basically feed it to her until she won't eat anymore. I've tried to give her less and she gets mad when I stop. If I feed her until she won't eat anymore she is happy and smiling. Usually I feed her 1 3.5 oz container of baby food at a time. Today I fed her both at once and I couldn't believe how much that was. I can't believe her stomach is big enough to hold all that. She doesn't throw it up so she has got to be putting it somewhere.

Here are some super cute pics I have taken recently of my little Jessica...








• She doesn't just dislike Gerber bananas, she will gag on them and then shake her head back and forth with a mouth that is closed tight as can be.
• She can sit up on her own for a few seconds as long as she is leaning forward.
• She crawls by pushing herself backward with her arms.
• Everything goes in her mouth!
• I can hardly believe how much she can eat.
• She gets very impatient while eating. If I don't feed her fast enough she groans until the spoon gets to her mouth.
• She takes 2 naps a day the first one can be as long as 2.5 hours the second one only about 30-45 minutes.
• She sleeps for 9-13 hours a night on a good night.
• I'm pretty sure a tooth will be popping through any day.
• She gets very snuggly after I change her diaper. She must really appreciate getting a nice clean diaper.
• She loves to have her back lightly rubbed.
• If you tickle her right she will giggle like crazy!
• She REALLY loves to be naked!
• She blows spit all over herself all day long. She does it no matter what mood she is in. Even when she is in the middle of crying she will continue to blow raspberries.
• She is a little water conservationist. She has learned how to turn the water off while I am giving her a bath, which makes her bath times take longer.
• She gets so excited when her daddy comes home from work she can hardly contain her happiness!

I love her more than anything!




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