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Well, the days of putting Jessica down and leaving the room for a minute than coming back to her still sitting where I left her are gone. She hasn't quite figured out how to use her knees to crawl yet though. She lies on her tummy pulling with her arms and pushing with her toes. She moves pretty fast too. I finally had to go around and baby proof the floor areas (ie. plug electrical outlets, take the plant off of the tippy 3 legged stand). Now we have to figure out what to do with the computer tower that is sitting on the ground. One of these days one of us will be doing something on the computer and it will suddenly go dark. We will look down and see Jessica down there staring up at us with those pretty eyes and her finger on the power button. We better remember to save our work often!

Jessica chewing on her spoon.


This is her silly super duper big smile.


An evening trip to the park. I think she is watching other kids playing.


Smiling at Daddy.


That hat pretty much shades her whole body.


I'm getting a big slobbery baby kiss while wearing Jessica's giant (yet a bit too small for me) hat.


Jessica chillin' with her daddy on our trip to the park.


We had a wonderful long holiday weekend! Saturday we had a birthday party for Jake at his parents house while they were out of town. We had fun playing bocce ball and eating yummy burgers thanks to Heidi's BBQ talents. Billy and Kalin stayed the night Saturday night and them and Jake all slept in a tent outside while Jessica and I slept inside. Sunday we had fun playing badminton and keep away while Jessica napped. Monday we went to the park and played on the swings, and I went down the slide with Jessica. Here are some pics from our weekend.

Here is Jessica getting ready to go to the park.

She sure did love the swing!




Until now I have been swaddling Jessica from the chest down and then putting a wearable blanket over it so that if she comes unwrapped it would stay in the blanket. Since it was so hot yesterday we decided to try a night with out swaddling her. I laid her down on her back but she quickly rolled over on her belly and started to cry. I went in to check on her and she had turned sideways in the crib so that she couldn't lay her head down. I turned her back but left her on her belly. I stood there and rubbed her back while saying "sssshhhhhhhh" until she was asleep. I have heard that babies usually sleep better on their tummies so I was hoping she would sleep later then 6am. (We also got dark curtains for her room). Normally she sleeps until around 6am when I get up and feed her and then put her back to bed. She then sleeps another hour or two. This morning she woke up at 4:30, was fed, then again at 5:45. I then brought her into our bed and fed her while I slept. We got up at 7am.

I think I would consider it a success. It could have been better but it could have been a whole lot worse too. Right now she is actually napping on her tummy so lets just hope she sleeps, well, like a baby.

This is why you should check on your baby when she cries harder then normal.

Jessica is not a fan of being on her tummy. This morning when I got up at both 6am and 7am she was crying because she was on her tummy. Today I put Jessica down for her morning nap all wrapped up in her blankets like normal. After about 3 minutes she had rolled over onto her tummy and began crying. So I figured we would try to put her down for her nap unwrapped and see how it went. She cried for a little while but did end up falling asleep. After about 30 minutes she started to cry. Usually her morning nap is between 1-3 hours long so I figured I would let her fall back asleep herself. She just cried harder and harder and when I went in to check on her and try to comfort her she had somehow wedged her leg through the crib bars and it was stuck between the crib and the wall. I pulled the crib away from the wall and tried to push her leg back through the bars when suddenly her crying stopped. I looked up and her face and she was choking on her throw up. I tried to turn her head so she could spit it out but her whole body had stiffened. So with her leg still stuck I sat her up and leaned her as far forward as the crib bars would allow. She then swallowed it and began crying hysterically. Once she was able to breath again I managed to get her leg unstuck and as you could imagine her nap wasn't going to happen. I picked her up and held her while she held me tighter then she has ever held me before. Poor baby was so scared and so was her mama!

A couple days ago I felt Jessica's gums and I could feel a little bump but no tooth yet. This morning I felt again and I could feel a little sharp needle tooth pocking through. By little baby is growing up!

Jessica is growing like crazy! In the last 2 weeks she has gained almost a whole pound. She is up to 16 lbs 6 oz. All our pics of her have now been posted now. Here is a link: Jessica Pictures

A couple days ago I gave Jessica Gerber ham for the first time. Let me tell you that stuff smells like cat food. She took 1 bite and immediately started crying. I tried it and I can't blame her. I wanted to cry too! It does taste a little better then it smells. What grossed me and probably her too was the texture. If you have ever tasted it you know what I am talking about. It is hard to explain. I tried again last night and she ate a few more bites then last time. Maybe she will actually like it once she gets used to the gross texture. I guess we will just have to wait and see. It also helps if I keep the bite away from her mouth until it is open and ready for it. That way she doesn't have to smell it. Maybe she will like the chicken better.

DSC04635 (Large).JPG
Jessica in very deep thought!

Me and my sweet baby!

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