Growing up

My little Jessica is growing up so fast. She is still scooting around on her belly and every once in a while using her knees to crawl. However, today I was sitting at the computer while she was playing on the floor and I looked over at her and she was in the process of pulling herself into the standing position while holding on to the Exersaucer. I kept my eye on her to make sure she didn't fall over. I was so proud to see her make it all the way up all by herself. When she looked up at me she smiled so big. She was so proud of herself too!

Jessica after standing up all by herself


Trying really hard to stand up holding the chair. Now that is one flexible baby!


Her 2nd tooth is coming in and she can't stop rubbing her tongue all over it.



What a big girl! Weren't our babies JUST born? Where did the time go?

The second picture cracks me do they bend like that?! :)

I know!!! I can't believe they are already almost 9 months old. Her first year is just blowing by!!!

If I tried to get into that position I think my back would break in half. Of course I can't get my toes into my mouth either (well, maybe I could, I haven't tried in a long long time). ;)

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