My gloriously silent day!

This weekend started for me on Friday around lunch time. Jessica and I went to meet Jake for lunch and after we dropped him back off at work we headed over to my mom's house for some grandma time. We spent the afternoon playing over there with all new toys...not her boring ol' toys from home. Jake got a ride to the eastside with Billy and went to have a drink with him. At around 6:00 Jessica began rubbing her eyes so I called Jake to see what was up and to let him know we were getting ready to head home. They had just arrived at McMenamins due to traffic so I asked him if he just wanted to stay the night at Billy's house. He did so I packed up and headed home.

Saturday morning I got my usual 4am wake up call from Jessica and another one at 7am. We played a little, I gave her a bath and we got ready and headed over to my mom's before church. My mom had made breakfast and had made too much so I got the benefits of that. We got to church just before 11am and Jessica had still not taken a nap. She usually naps by 10am at the latest. I spent most of the service walking around the back and trying to get her to sleep. Every time I sat down she would get mad. About half way through the service she finally fell asleep and I got to sit down for a bit.

Meanwhile Jake was over at Dave's house playing with the boys, which is where I met them after church ended. Micah was busy getting his remote controlled airplane ready to fly while I ate lunch and Jake held Jessica. After I was done I went inside to feed Jessica. As I stepped in Dave's 2 dogs came to greet me, one of them with barks and the other with a bite on the foot. As I yelped in pain Jessica started crying so Jake took her and I tended to my foot. After that was taken care of we went to find a place for Micah to fly his plane. After 2 places were being used our 3rd try was wide open so we spent about an hour there. At that point it was around 4pm and Jessica had only slept for about 1 hour at most. She was getting pretty tired so we headed home. She slept the whole way.

Last night I mentioned to Jake that I could really use some time to myself on Sunday to just relax and do nothing at home. He wanted to go play games with the boys so this morning I called my mom and asked her if she wouldn't mind watching Jessica from 1-6 so we could have some time to ourselves. She was a little nervous since she had never watched her that long before and Jessica can sometimes be a handful when I am not there to breastfeed her. I told her that Jake was going to be at Dave's so if she is inconsolable just let us know and Jake is close enough that he can come pick her up. Luckily she was good for most of the time. She just does not want to ever sleep at my mom's house for some reason.

Anyway, I digress...the reason for the title of this post. Here is what I did today. First I took a nice hot bath and read for about an hour. Then I played on the computer a bit. Then I took a shower and laid on the couch and read until I fell asleep. I then slept for about 2 ½ hours until I woke up on my own accord (not to Jessica whining or crying). I still had about 1 more hour until they were going to be home so I put some laundry in, cleaned up a bit and blended some apples and broccoli for Jessica. When they got home I fed her the apples (which she either wasn't too fond of or she was too tired to eat) and put her to bed. Due to her few naps today she fell right to sleep. I honestly don't remember the last time I have felt this refreshed and ready for another week.

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