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Jake, Jessica and I went to the zoo yesterday. It was so cute to see Jessica interested in the animals. She would see one and start waving at it. We walked around there for about 3-4 hours then took the MAX downtown to the Sand in the City in Pioneer Square. It was alright. We walked around for about 5 minutes and then realized that we had seen the whole thing. So we went over to the Doner Kabob place on 4th and had yummy kabobs. After that we walked down to the waterfront and played in the fountain for a bit. We didn't have swimsuits on so we didn't get really wet. We did however get splashed by the 20-30 people that were in the fountain. Then we went and laid out the blanket on the grass and relaxed for a while. I've got to say it was a very relaxing day. Here are some pics of our day:

Jessica on MAX heading to the zoo
Chillin' on the Waterfront


This one wasn't from the zoo trip but it is so cute I just had to put it on

So much has happened in the past month since I last posted. Last Sunday we returned from a 2 week vacation in Maui. We had a lot of fun playing with Jessica in the ocean. It took a few times of getting into it for her to get used to it. She loved the swimming pool so I think it was the movement of the waves that she didn't like. Wailea was a lot wavier then it usually is and Ka'anapali was a lot calmer then usual. By the end we were able to take Jessica in past the break point and she didn't hate it anymore.

I think we came home with a whole new baby! While we were gone Jessica learned to wave (if you say "say hi" or "say bye"). She also learned to clap. It is so cute! She managed to make her way up 3 steps in the house. Luckily she didn't try to go back down. I don't think down would have been as graceful as going up. She is crawling really well up on her knees and all. She pulls herself up on everything she sees and is surprisingly steady too. She is a very curious little girl and very interested in everything going on around her. She loves to yell "dada dada dada". When Jake puts music on his iphone Jessica will bop her head to the music! It just blows my mind how in the last month she went from being a baby to being a little girl in my mind. It has been so much fun watching her do so many new things.

Pulling herself up on the bed
Smelling a pretty Hawaiian flower
She is my beautiful Hawaiian flower!
Me and Jessica chillin' on Charlie Young beach
Daddy and baby on Kam 1
Jessica riding on her Daddy's shoulders on a walk
Is this where the swim diaper goes?
Jessica all snuggled in a towel after bath time
I want to drive mama!
All of us at IAO Valley
What the heck is this??
Relaxing in the water
The cat won't see me if I keep this towel on my head, right!
What a sweet little face!
Look mom, I can stand up all by myself.

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