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It looks as though Jessica is growing her teeth in the same order as her momma. The two middle bottom teeth came first, and usually the top middle two are next but not for my baby. She is growing her vampire fangs next! Here is a picture of her showing them off.


As I lay in bed fast asleep I was awoken by a baby squeal. I looked at the clock. It was 4:45am. I laid there for a bit to see if Jessica was really awake or just making noise in her sleep. I didn't hear anything else so I rolled over and went back to sleep. What felt like 3 seconds (really an hour) later Jessica starts to cry. So I went into her pitch black room and got her out of the crib. This is about the time she usually wakes up and I bring her into our bed to feed her so that is what I did. I noticed her jammies felt a bit crusty and when I laid her down I notice that her hair felt quite crusty too. It was still dark out so I decided to just feed her and once it gets light I would figure out what happened.

We laid there for about 30 minutes while she ate and I snoozed. When I woke up it was light out and could see her clearly. The pink jammies I put her in the night before were now a dark shade of red and her hair was caked with dried up red stuff. It was then that I realized that she must have puked up the Gerber Lasagna dinner sometime during the night but was confused because other then the squeal at 4:45 she was quiet all night. I took off her jammies then continued to feed her. It was then that she proceeded to throw up all the breast milk that I had just fed her all over me, the bed, and some on the floor. Jake jumped up and got a towel for me and took her so I could clean up.

I then decided to go check her bedroom to see what had happened. When I got in there I couldn't believe my eyes! Her crib was basically just a bed of puke. Since it was dried up I am guessing that she puked sometime last night, rolled around all night in it, and never made a peep.


At this point I tried to breastfeed her again but she gagged on the nipple and threw up all over me again. While I cleaned that up Jake took her and put her on the floor. She crawled around for a while then sat up and started coughing. Suddenly she stopped coughing and stared turning red so I hit her back a few times and when that didn't work Jake grabbed her and turned her upside down and hit her back a couple more times. She then coughed up some stomach bile and started to cry so we knew she was breathing again. That was the scariest thing ever to see her little face turn red because she was choking.

She threw up a few more times before we decided to take her to the doctor just to make sure she was alright since she has never had a puke-fest like that before. The doctor said she was ok and to just give her liquids and see if she can hold them down then once she can do that we can start giving her normal foods again. He said that she may have some kind of viral infection so we are going to keep an eye on that and hopefully she will not keep throwing up everything we give her.

She seems to be doing a bit better now. She is holding down breast milk and we also gave her some applesauce that she has not puked up yet. She has not been a happy baby today but then again I wouldn't be happy if I were in her situation.

Now, since that picture isn't what I want you to remember Jessica by here are some recent super cute pics of her:







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