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Well, the big news for today...............I'M PREGNANT! Yup, Jessica is going to have a baby brother or sister. I am 10 weeks 2 days, due June 26th. We are both very excited! We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and got to see the baby and her the heartbeat for the first time.

I've been having morning sickness but not as bad as I had it with Jessica. It is for the most part sticking to the morning this time. Last time I was sick and throwing up all day long for many weeks. I have thrown up a few times but mostly it is just nausea.

Here is the very first picture ever taken of our second child and also the weekly pics I have been saving up until we were ready to announce it.

Ultrasound at 8 Weeks 3 Days
8 week ultrasound.png

10 Weeks
10 weeks.JPG

9 Weeks
9 weeks.JPG

8 Weeks
8 weeks.JPG

7 Weeks
7 weeks.JPG

Jessica is officially walking. She is still a little wobbly but she is definitely walking. It is sooo cute to see her toddling all over the place. She is so proud of herself when she walks to us and makes it without falling. She gives us big hugs and is all smiles! I am so proud of her!!!

Random Photo

Miles Truman

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Jessica Danielle

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