12 Weeks

How far along?: 12 weeks

Total weight gain: Less then 1 pound

How big is baby?: 2 inches long from top of head to bottom & ½ oz (about the size of a lime)


Maternity clothes?: Definitely

Stretch marks?: Not for a while, if at all.

Sleep?: Still sleeping well but my legs have started to get cramps at night when I point my toes.

Best moment this week?: Toured the hospital where we might have the baby.

Movement?: None yet

Food cravings?: None this week

Labor signs?: Nope

Belly button in or out?: Still in

What I miss: Nothing

What I'm looking forward to this week: Hopefully another week of not throwing up.

Weekly Wisdom: None this week.

Milestone: Baby now has reflexes!


What hospital did you tour? Do you have a doctor yet? We really like ours if you need a recommendation :)

I toured Group Health Hospital in Capital Hill. I had a really great birth in Australia with midwives that I decided to go that route again. I have heard too many stories about how doctors in the US only want to get it done and I want to have a natural relaxing birthing process. I am thinking about doing it at home but I need to do some research on that before I decide.

I have heard wonderful things about the Midwives at both Swedish in Ballard, and also UW. Also, Evergreen has great midwives and a birthing center - but that's all the way in Kirkland. Good luck deciding! We almost went the midwife route as well, but instead settled on an OB with a doula :)

I don't know what hospital you plan to go to but at the Group Health one they only allow 2 visitors at a time due to swine flu. I heard someone ask about doulas and apparently they count as a visitor, not a medical helper.

A lime baby?! Yummy!

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