15 Weeks

How far along?: 15 weeks

Total weight gain: 1 ½ pounds

How big is baby?: 4 inches long from top of head to bottom & weighs 2 ½ oz (about the size of an apple)


Maternity clothes?: I put all other clothes away for now.

Stretch marks?: Not for a long time I hope.

Sleep?: I am starting to wake up needing to pee once or twice per night.

Best moment this week?: Jake had last Monday and Friday off so we got to have lots of family time.

Movement?: Felt a few flutters.

Food cravings?: None this week.

Labor signs?: Nope

Belly button in or out?: It is actually already starting to flatten.

What I miss: Not much this week.

What I'm looking forward to this week: Hopefully feeling the baby move more and hearing the heartbeat again on Thursday. (that never gets old)

Weekly Wisdom: Don't lift heavy boxes.

Milestone: Babies gender is distinguishable in an ultrasound as long as the legs aren't crossed.

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