35 Weeks

How far along?: 35 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain: Almost 16 pounds

How big is baby?: Just over 18 inches from head to heel & weighs 5 1/4 pounds (about the weight of a honeydew melon)


Maternity clothes?: The clothes that fit me at the end of my last pregnancy are too small for me now....arg!

Stretch marks?: None yet...but we will see.

Sleep?: I have to prop myself up on pillows and have them on both sides of me too....then I sleep ok...otherwise I barely sleep.

Best moment this week?: Had a relaxing weekend at Anderson Island with Jake's parents and celebrated his birthday.

Movement?: Oh yes and the kicks are getting pretty hard!

Food cravings?: Chocolate...chocolate...and more chocolate!

Labor signs?: I am pretty sure this isn't a labor sign but it feels like the baby kicks my cervix every so often....very painful! Also still having a lot of Braxton Hicks Contractions and quite a bit of round ligament pain...also very painful!

Belly button in or out?: Waaaayyyyy out!

What I miss: Being able to have Jessica on my lap!

What I'm looking forward to this week: Got my doc appt on Tuesday!

Weekly Wisdom: Relax and don't do too much yard work.

Milestone: Seriously...only 5 more weeks to go??? Where did the time go?

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